Proper Preparation…

…Prevents poor performance.


At least, I’ve heard that before.


I haven’t been doing too well on this front. My diet has been more “What is immediately available” rather than “Vegan”. I’ve done my level best to steer myself towards the Vegan options but where I am at present is not a Vegan friendly place. I’m working on getting a compromise going where non-Vegan food isn’t shoved in my face at every opportunity under the premise that I’m not eating healthy enough and “need” meat. I am hoping, now that I have a treasure trove of two Vegan cookbooks in my arsenal and have convinced the concerned party of the merits of a Vegan diet, that I can finally live in peace without having food laced with animal product offered to me at nearly every turn.

Considering my history of living in food deserts and having a painful stomach ulcer, this is not necessarily a devastating problem to endure. Nevertheless, I do want to be Vegan.


As it stands, I am saving up so I can buy specific products in bulk so I can make my own Vegan food. Currently, my go to recipe is a Vegan vegetable soup I made up. As good as it is, I would like a variety to stuff my face with because I can’t live on tea and the occasional smoothie forever.


So my two cookbooks are The America’s Test Kitchen Vegan cookbook and Gaz Oakley’s Vegan 100. The former has the trust of the animal product enforcer while the latter’s YouTube channel recipes have convinced them that I wouldn’t starve on a Vegan diet.


I just need to get those bulk products in here.


Thanks for listening/reading.


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2 thoughts on “Proper Preparation…

  1. Vegetarian Times has a nice online recipe site, with daily emails. Most of the recipes have instructions on how to convert them from vegetarian to vegan.


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