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Hi!Hello there and welcome to my blog. This is the newest and latest version of a long and continuous evolving that started at Angelfire, moved to Geocities, slithered through other sites, fettered at Freewebs, and ended up here. I tend to jump services when the advertisements get to be too much and thanks to Stumbleupon due to frustration with my prior service, I moved here.

I was given a name just after I was born in 1981 but online I go by the moniker of IchbineineTomate KTC and I am sometimes known as KaliTime Xantedeschia Pythagorax Camaralzman or KaliTime Camaralzman (KTC – The Aries) for short. This is probably due to psychological overcompensation at my not having a middle name. Anyway…

Most of my friends call me “Tomate” for short.

I am a single Human entity of the XX persuasion and I’m also Polyamorous, Pansexual, and an Atheist. I have made this page as an introduction of myself to anyone reading it and give a general time saver for the stuff I have online for anyone interested.

This is a portrait of me sketched just before my 12th birthday at Robert Poole Middle school – Portable during Art class. (Picture sketched by my teacher, Raymond Levenson in 1993.)

Please scroll down to read my page…

Since the true beginning of my online experience in 1999, I’ve changed quite a bit and depending on who you’re talking with I’ve either become more mature, mellow, malleable, or militant. I define myself now as someone who’s quite happy with where they are and working towards attaining the things I’d like in life. I describe myself as a Liberal Progressive and mostly Anti-Authoritarian with my only real pet peeve being people who project their values forcibly onto others and when you really think about that phrasing, it’s rather self-explanatory and encompassing.

Now for the boring part.

About me:

I was born in Baltimore City, Maryland and lived in the city up until 2004. In late 2003, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder as well as a few other things and as a result, and a move to Baltimore County in early 2004, I’ve been in the process of attempting to find equilibrium and peace after years of chaos. So far, I think that I’m doing pretty well and with yet another move in early 2006, I feel more calm and secure about myself and my future.

I spend most of my time writing, reading, thinking, listening to music, being an autodidact, knitting, exercising and being a Loony. I also have several marks of determinism online.

If you’re the masochistic type, I mean if you prefer reading my stuff online at each individual site, please look below at the following links:

I maintain a few blogs and update most of them semi-regularly. Below is a short list of what I spew online. I’m so so sorry…

KaliTime’s Growing Lunacy – My main blog where I write about everything from knitting to mayhem to marshmallows. The topics are wide-ranging and usually semi-coherent but my heart is in the right place. Fair warning, while there are no nude pictures or anything like that there, I do curse…enough to make sailors blush. I’m cutting down on it but it does usually come up still. I make no apologies for it but I am giving you notice that if you’re sensitive to such things then perhaps you might be selective in viewing this blog.

Manic Mithridatism… – My main personal journal on InsaneJournal. I created this journal after the initial Strikethrough ’07 event at the end of May 2007 and I now use it as a combined journal for all my former LJs, as well as a site for other journals I had a desire to consolidate. I highly recommend InsaneJournal (I love you Squeaky!) as a journaling alternative to LiveJournal. See warning above regarding content by a factor of ten. If you’d like to view it, please feel free to leave a comment in the Public “Friends Only” notification post. If I know you and/or I don’t think you suck, I’ll let you in. :p

Lunar Bipolarity’s Stumbleupon – My stumblepage. This is my new page as of 2 December 2011. I deleted the old page (KaliTime) but missed the site a great deal and decided to give it another go. Mainly, I’m going to be stumbling crafty things with other bits thrown in. Deleted.

My MySpaceYes, I succumbed to the mindless throng. It all started out so innocently. I was merely trying to keep up with friends of mine who went to the service and now I’m trapped. It’s like the quicksand of the Internet. Deleted.

My Tribe Profile – Blame Andreas. I, thankfully, have the syndication feed up on my profile page. I feel guilty about not paying more attention to this one as well. :p Deleted.

My Imood – Apt to change… It’s the more quixotic of my mood trackers. I’m also on Moodtap as well but my overall mood is usually set at one thing or another, so I use Imood as representative of my more fleeting feelings.

KaliTime’s 43allconsuming – Pretty much the centralized hub of everything I’m doing on 43things, 43places, and other 43 sites I participate in). Deleted. KaliTime – A growing list of links to things I’ve found interesting, useful, or just plain silly. I originally created my account to have access to everything I’d come across that I “liked”. Once that proved to be unsustainable, I deleted the old account and started a new one under the same name. I promise to be good this time and not go overboard with the Post to addon. Deleted.

Xantedeschia – OKCupid Profile A profile I made in frustration after I got so many “cyber” requests while chatting online. It’s mainly meant to be a deterrent against the loonies but I have answered it as honestly and completely as I could. If you’re interested in seeing if we match then go here and sign up. A 90% match or better on the Improve matches quiz and I’ll go out on a date with you. It could be fun  and at the very least, we could become good friends? :o) Deleted. Good riddance.

Rachid Taha fan – My Vampires! The Dark Alleyway profile. I play this game way more than is healthy…but I can say that it’s fun.

KaliTime’s Pandora Station – Music I listen to when at my computer. I’m making an active effort to make it as representative of me as possible. I believe that music is a good barometer of a person’s personality and that the best way to get to know another human being is to see what they like to listen to.

KaliTime’s Last FM Station – Formerly where I directed people for musical interests. Deleted.

KTC’s Think Atheist Page – One of the places I congregate with fellow Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers and other Non-Believers.

Lunar Bipolarity’s Ravelry Page – The place where, if you’re a member of Ravelry, you can see most of my past knitted and crocheted projects. You can also see which forums I like to watch/participate in, and get a peep at some of my yarn stash.

The Fitness of KaliTime II – My blog on MyFitnessPal. Updated very rarely, I usually talk about food and exercise related items when I do blog here.

Polycotyledon – My blog on Gardenstew. Gardenstew is a fantastic Gardening and Plant forum. The members are all wonderfully helpful and kind.

I have a few more but these are the main ones I post to. If you’d like to get in contact with me, I’m most accessible via blog comments on my main blog (recommended) as well as my contact form.

Now, concerning the above statement about being Polyamorous, Pansexual, and an Atheist. A few years ago, I would have gone into a long flowing Hyde Park worthy speech about what I like but I’m older and don’t feel like it. Chances are, you’re at this site to learn more about me and I’m just being upfront about who and what I am so that you have the choice on whether you’d like to contact me. Ten to one, you’re on this page for one of three reasons:

  1. You’ve come to complain about something that you personally have a problem with about my life or views.
  2. You’ve come to get your rocks off and are trying to use me as a long distance masturbatory tool.
  3. You’re genuinely interested in having a civil conversation.

If you’re coming from the perspective of number one, then please stop at this page and go no further. While I have quite a few debates with long-term friends of mine who aren’t of similar views as myself, I really am not going to be bothered to reply to you if you’re coming here to whine about something that you (and only you) see as a contradiction to your worldview. If you can be civil, then please send a message but if you can’t please don’t waste either of our time by trying to goad me. It’s petty, boring, and (big surprise) you’re not the first and probably won’t be the last.

Rather than whine at me about how you’re offended/mock smug, I strongly suggest that you go here. Read the whole thing and then follow the directions to the letter. In fact, treble the letter. Do everything instructed three times the amount you’re prescribed.

If you’re coming from the perspective of number two, then please go to one of the Friend Finder sites like Adult Friend Finder or Alt Personals. I’m sure that they can help you more than I ever could. I commend you for making it this far into the page without some type of scantily clad picture to motivate you to scroll further. Thumbs up to you. You go here as well but…try to calm yourself a bit before you do…

If you’re coming from the perspective of number three, then please send me a message. A great conversation seems so hard to find these days and I welcome anyone who can hold a civil conversation without trying to forcibly coerce people into things as a self-aggrandizing measure. You go here just for the hell of it just ’cause you’re cool. 🙂

Now, if you’re not here for any of the above three and you’re not sure what Polyamory, Pansexuality, and Atheism are, please utilize the links provided and Google as a resource. I would also like to recommend a few others which are included below for your perusal.

Polyamory Links:
BBC – h2g2 – Polyamory
alt.polyamory home page
Society for Human Sexuality
Loving More Magazine
Church of All Worlds
Alternatives to Marriage Project (ATMP)
Questions Saturnia Regna e-mail list

Pansexuality Links:
stuff pansexuals need to know
Diversity Lesson 101: Pansexuality
What is a Pansexual?

Bisexuality Links:
BBC – h2g2 – Bisexuality
glbtq – Bisexuality article
Bisexual Resource Center

Atheism Links:
BBC – h2g2 – Atheism
Atheism blog
American Atheists
Secular Web

Other Educational Sites:
Scarleteen – Sex education for the real world
BBC – h2g2 – Embarrassing Questions About Sexual Orientation

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