Weight Dilemma

I was all prepared to post the following to Fitbit but thought better of it:


This is proving difficult so I’m seeking advice. A while back, I was on my way to being physically fit. I exercised five days a week and ate meals with the proper nutrition. I was even doing well in the C25K program.


Then, I got multiple injuries. Two rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis in both feet, de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, encroaching arthritis, and my knees started acting up. It seems like, no matter which way I turn, I am hurting. I want to get back to working out but the pain is so great, I am having trouble finding the motivation.


I do rehabilitative exercises for my shoulders, hand, and feet but I’m in too much pain to do much else. I don’t want to go against doctor’s advice but I’m just getting heavier sitting here.


What would you do? Would you exercise regardless or just gain the weight and heal before trying again?


Even though it is against my doctor’s advice, I’m going to go back to working out. I don’t like where I am at the present and would prefer to be more active even though it is tremendously painful. I’ll do my best to avoid agitating my shoulders, thumb and knees but I’m afraid my feet are going to suffer.


My new goal weight is 120lbs. Technically, that is overweight for my height and build but I’d rather be 120 than 96. That low a weight just doesn’t seem like it is achievable to me or healthy regardless of what the BMI says.


I’m going to spend today figuring out my new meal plan. Then, first thing tomorrow, I’m going to heed my alarm’s call and exercise. Wish me luck.