But Wait… There’s More

So, I’m already determined to do the Craft Yarn Council correspondence courses. However, the more I read into it (and believe me, I have been reading into it!), the more beneficial it appears to be for me to join The Crochet Guild of America and The Knitting Guild Association because…Networking opportunities and Discounts on all the courses.


They also have Master level courses in their respective craft’s proficiency. I would do well to take these courses too. While I get a lot of crafting in, and could certainly practice on my own, having a structured learning environment and someone to ask questions of would be very helpful for my academic growth and professional development. These courses offer both, as well as the Networking opportunities that someone just starting out would definitely need.


There’s also the social aspect. I’d finally have a group of people to hang around who share similar interests in Fiber Arts. That is to say outside of the realm of the Internet. I am determined to get this done, one step at a time, and successfully complete these goals. Then, and only then, I will take the Craft Yarn Council’s correspondence courses.


Again, this comes back to the big question: Cashy money. Barring supplies for the tests (assuming they don’t provide supplies), I’m just going to have to cut corners somewhere (mirthless chuckle) in order to provide the application fees for these courses.


My best bet is to start putting myself out there for neighborhood chores or something. I also have the ability to make afghans and blankets now. Those usually fetch a good price. I’ll just come up with my own take on a simple design like a Granny Square blanket or something.


You know, it is times like these that I wish I knew how to effectively knit fine lace? That never goes out of style. One shawl could go a long way towards paying for all of these classes.


I am determined to get these goals achieved. So, they will be achieved. Until the next time, have a safe and fantastic journey around the Sun. Take care, my friends. Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow


Unfinished Projects Loading…

I didn’t get even half of what I wanted to accomplish completed by the end of 2015. This means that everything rolls over into 2016. Yay.


I am presently working on or will soon be working on in no particular order:


  • João’s Hello Kitty Hat
  • Blodeuwedd The Hat for me
  • Little Boy Blue Blanket
  • Shimmer Stole
  • Handschuhe Times Two: Bruce’s Gloves
  • Cosmos Doily Madness: Doily Three
  • Rainstorm II Socks
  • Child-bearer’s Cardigan
  • Boba Fett Amigurumi Doll
  • Baby Groot (2)
  • Rose Doily #804
  • Be a Friend/Have a Heart Shawl
  • In Love With Color Throw
  • Bigger on the Inside Shawl
  • Gloves for myself
  • A scarf for myself
  • Villimarjatar Shawl
  • Large Pineapple Doily

In addition to these, I wish to make several socks patterns from the book Think Outside The Sox. I also have several requests for items coming in that I’m definitely going to prioritize. Cashy money. One thing is for sure. Agoraphobia be damned, 2016 will be the year I finally go to Cloverhill Yarn Shop. I am regularly in the Catonsville area nowadays and I no longer have the excuse of not knowing where it is or how to get there. So, if I need yarn, I’m going to my LYS for a change.


So, the new year is now well underway. I’m looking forward to finding kindness, intelligence, humanity, and humility in this upcoming year. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s an election year. I’m going to carefully avoid the jingoistic rhetoric as much as possible while researching jokers…characters…candidates to see who is worthy enough for me to hold my nose and make my choice in the voting booth.


Let’s see. Not much happened over the Holidays in my home. Except for meeting an amazing person via OK Cupid who is ridiculously far away from me. Other than that, it was just ham, writing, and watching the tomatoes grow in the Aerogarden. NaNoWriMo is long over with and I’m still writing Forsaken Paladins. For anyone coming to my blog for news about the second part to the story I wrote back in 2006 and recently posted, I’m currently working on it simultaneously with another, separate, collaborative effort. Holding three stories in my head is an interesting experience. I just hope none of the storylines blend together as the stories are quite disparate. Right now, I need to find a good work/sleep/relaxation balance because trying to be everything to everyone is proving exhausting.


The plants are doing well, both Aerogarden and non-Aerogarden. Except, perhaps, for one pineapple plant. I have several tomato flowers and fruit coming in despite the near constant high temperatures in my room. I’ve closed the air vent off so as to prevent the heat from damaging my plants but, so far, everything looks good for the most part in spite of the lack of humidity. I’m really shocked at this too considering some of the plants normally affected. The Lemongrass alone should show some signs of damage given that it’s right near the vents but it’s actually growing like a weed.


Today is Saturday. The second Saturday of the month. I’m going to give over a good portion of today to spend quality time with The Maternal Parental. Between talking with my new friend and writing, I’ve really been isolating myself over the past few months and that’s not good. So, today is a day of fun and relaxation. We’re probably going to watch a bunch of movies and talk a bit. I really enjoy the conversations I have with the Maternal Parental. She’s got a perspective on life that’s quite unique.


Onto my reading list. Holy Molybdenum. I got almost nothing done reading wise in 2015, so that rolls over to this year as well. I’m also getting a steady stream of recommendations that I’m going to add to my Goodreads as fast as my fingers will allow me to. I finally got a Carl Sagan book late last year and managed to get Darwin and a few others from Project Gutenberg.


Last, but certainly not least. The Agoraphobia. I am by no means cured. I’ll probably never be effectively “cured” of this particular ailment. It’s as interwoven in my personality as the Bipolar Disorder, the PTSD, and the Anxiety. It’s just there at this point, a part of my make up. I’m finally learning to live with it though and get through it to the other side of productivity. With few exceptions, I’ve made it to appointments and meetings over the past few years. That’s something to be proud of. I aim to go further and have plans to get out of the house more. I’m also restarting my fitness schedule.


Now, I’m going to sleep after this rambling escapade. Good night/morning.