Weight Dilemma

I was all prepared to post the following to Fitbit but thought better of it:


This is proving difficult so I’m seeking advice. A while back, I was on my way to being physically fit. I exercised five days a week and ate meals with the proper nutrition. I was even doing well in the C25K program.


Then, I got multiple injuries. Two rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis in both feet, de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, encroaching arthritis, and my knees started acting up. It seems like, no matter which way I turn, I am hurting. I want to get back to working out but the pain is so great, I am having trouble finding the motivation.


I do rehabilitative exercises for my shoulders, hand, and feet but I’m in too much pain to do much else. I don’t want to go against doctor’s advice but I’m just getting heavier sitting here.


What would you do? Would you exercise regardless or just gain the weight and heal before trying again?


Even though it is against my doctor’s advice, I’m going to go back to working out. I don’t like where I am at the present and would prefer to be more active even though it is tremendously painful. I’ll do my best to avoid agitating my shoulders, thumb and knees but I’m afraid my feet are going to suffer.


My new goal weight is 120lbs. Technically, that is overweight for my height and build but I’d rather be 120 than 96. That low a weight just doesn’t seem like it is achievable to me or healthy regardless of what the BMI says.


I’m going to spend today figuring out my new meal plan. Then, first thing tomorrow, I’m going to heed my alarm’s call and exercise. Wish me luck.

Bread Baking Bonanza

I have discovered that I have just enough yeast to bake some bread. It’s SO going to happen today.


My last two loaves weren’t my best baking. Owing to my own laziness in greasing the pans while depending on the Maternal Parental to do the aforementioned, the bread rose a little too long in the first rising and lost all the fizzy goodness for the second rising. Alas, my bread was doughy.


This time around, I’m going to time it to exact measurements with the hope that I can make this small amount of yeast last.


Not much is happening today beyond that. I am getting ready to knit the gloves, watching New Scandinavian Cooking and adding my blogs to this new (for me) remote poster.


As to this poster, I’m getting used to it. It’s weird seeing my blog colors as a part of the posting template but, other than that, Windows Live Writer is very intuitive and not at all difficult to work with. LOL, I like things difficult though. It even allows me to set categories and tags in the post, as well as make new ones. That’s worth a lot, not having to log into the site to do so.


So, I am finally going to follow my fitness schedule tonight. I lost some weight and I’ve got a motivation to lose more. I’m not just going to dance tonight, I’m going for the full 90-120 minute workout. I’m hoping that, within six weeks, there will be a noticeable difference in my weight and overall muscle tone. Ugh, I’m really not looking forward to this but…it must be done.


I also cancelled the appointment with Bethesda. The Maternal Parental has been majorly freaking out about the possibility of something “tragic and devastating” happening on my planned trip. She’s older and delicate now. I don’t want to worry her unnecessarily.


One thing I have to look forward to are my Protégés. One, I don’t have direct contact with but the other I do. I’ve gotten both crochet hook sets and, in the case of my geographically closer student, I’ve gotten a full bag of knitting implements including yarn enough to practice with, knitting needles crochet thread and steel crochet hooks. One protégé is 29 and the other is barely 13 with a rambunctious younger brother tearing through her possessions. You can guess who got what.


If only Padawan would come and get his stuff…


I am also teaching myself to write patterns. If I can ever get YouTube to load properly, I found a few promising videos as well as promising blog posts and information on professional pattern designer’s websites for me to peruse. I’m hoping to learn within a month’s timeframe. The best laid plans of Mice…


That’s all, folks. I’m going to go start the gloves now. Later. SmileDevil

Ugh, I mean Oh! Fitness Schedule Restart

While I’ve been moving over the past few months, I have not been truly working out as much as I’m capable. Today, that’s going to change. I’m restarting my Fitness schedule. I have personal (Hand written journal) reasons for doing this but I’ll definitely benefit from readopting the full regimen rather than doing sixty minute dancing and walking with occasional calisthenics.

So, to recap my 120 minute workout:

  1. Fifty Push ups
  2. Fifty Crunches
  3. Fifty Leg lifts
  4. Fifty Seated stretches (touching one set of toes at a time)
  5. Fifty Seated Bows (leaning forward as far as possible)
  6. Fifty Standing Toe touches
  7. Fifty Side Knee bends (each leg)
  8. Fifty Front Knee bends (each Leg)
  9. Fifty Squats
  10. Side downward punches (for the duration of two songs)
  11. Fifty Arm lifts (each arm)
  12. Arm Flexes (for the duration of two songs)
  13. Hip flexes (for the duration of two songs)
  14. March in place (for the duration of two songs)
  15. Air punches (for the duration of two songs)
  16. Neck exercises (for the duration of two songs)
  17. Jog in place (for the duration of two songs)
  18. Leg flexes (for the duration of two songs)
  19. Air cross punch (for the duration of two songs)

This is going to be in addition to dancing and walking.

While my knee is still a bit hypermobile, I no longer have body pains which interfere with me working out to this level. We’ll see how long this lasts. Ha.

On the supplement front, I’ve started taking a new vitamin. Don’t laugh at this. Ah, what the heck? I’m laughing myself. I’m taking Well at Walgreen’s Sodium Free Prenatal Multivitamin/Multimineral Suppliment. I’m mainly taking it for its vitamin compliment. Specificially, the iron level. You see, I have serious problems taking some iron supplements and I usually get dog sick when I do take them. So far, I’ve had minimal nausea with this one, so it looks like a winner. Hopefully, I can get my iron levels somewhere near normal levels for someone my age.

It would figure that, now that it’s time for me to get up, I’m now sleepy and yawning myself silly. Earlier this morning, when I was desperate for sleep, I couldn’t seem to go back under and now, I can barely keep my eyes open. I’ll take this as impetus to bid you all adieu. 🙂

Working Through The Pain and Other Things

I am going to do something I’m probably going to regret.

I’m going to knit and crochet despite blinding pain in my thumb.

For some time now, I’ve had a nagging pain right in the joint of my thumb that radiated outward from said joint. At first, I thought I’d sprained it and had it taped up to immobilize it. Nothing helped though and the pain was as present as ever. I began to speculate that, perhaps, this wasn’t a sprain but, instead, was a tendonitis issue. Yay, me. Not.

So, I was going to wait until my doctor had a look at my thumb to confirm or deny my hypothesis. However, my addiction to crafting is getting the better of me. I’ve been trying to knit without using my thumb which has turned out to be an exercise in futility.

Here’s where the regret comes in. I’m going to try knitting and crocheting, using my thumb on a limited basis, for at least these seven upcoming projects:

  1. My friend Sam’s hat.
  2. My friend Kathleen’s three doilies.
  3. My friend Lotta’s doily.
  4. My own warm weather scarf.
  5. My cousin’s baby blanket

I’m going to do my friend’s stuff first because I promised them this stuff. I’m going to do my cousin’s baby blanket next because that’s a paying gig. I’ll do my own project last because that’ll sit on the hook if I do too much damage to my thumb by the end of all this. I hope I don’t do any damage but it’s good to plan for such possibilities.

Aside from that, I’ve got Cinnamon Basil coming up!!!!! My seeds have become seedlings in less than a week’s time. I have every reason to believe, based on past evidence with this variety, that these will grow true to my past experience’s expectations. In addition to the seedlings I have coming up in the Spider Plant pot, I planted more cinnamon basil in with the Lemongrass, Ginger and Radishes. Whether they develop or die, as I take the radishes out, I’ll plant new seeds of either lemongrass or cinnamon basil.

Then, as soon as I get the individual pots and a lot more soil, I’ll plant one full of lemongrass, one full of cinnamon basil, one full of coleus, one full of geraniums and one full of nasturtiums. With the rest of the pots, I’ll root plants for my cousin, my neighbors and attempt to clone the African violet, as well as the hopefully rooted pineapple and sweet potato vines.

About the only other thing happening in my life right now is my new adherence to my friend Douglas’s fitness regimen. He posted it on a site we’re both a member of and, given his level of fitness, I’m definitely going to give his methods a try. In this regimen, I’ll be doing way more muscle building than calorie burning exercises. He is RIPPED, so I know it’s going to work. I just hope I can keep up with it.

That is about all I have to say right now. I’m going to get back to trying to knit this hat now. Later! 🙂

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014 To Come

Another year has come and almost gone. Hard to believe that 2013 is almost ended and we’re fourteen years into the century.

Rather a lot has happened to me in this year. Most notably, I’ve taken a good uppercut to the agoraphobia by going out on my own. In this neighborhood, at least, I can make it around with enough effort. I hope to extend this traveling range in 2014.

My babies are growing well, though I need to get fertilizer for them and soon. They’re all growing tall and/or strong as they possibly can. Not bad given that they’re all growing in pots. I’m hoping to grow basil, tomatoes and sweet potatoes in my window this year. I’ve certainly got the pot for sweet potatoes. I’ll try to grow tomatoes in it as well. Hopefully, they won’t compete. I am also going to try growing tulips and daffodils. For all of this, I am going to need more soil and a few more pots.

On to other things. Due to the fact that I’m not seeing Keith again until late January, I’m knitting Todd’s stuff first. I’m currently 29 rounds into the hat and I hope to have it finished in five day’s time. I really like this pattern now and will be glad to make it for myself and for the Maternal Parental. I may even try knitting it two at a time on my 47in circular needles.

After Todd’s hat comes his gloves. For those, I’m modifying the given pattern and just knitting fingers and closing them up rather than make them convertible. It’s the only pattern I could find that could accommodate his hands while maintaining the “glove” patterning. I just hope I get the hang of two at a time gloves like I did two at a time socks since this pattern calls for that particular knitting technique. If the gloves fit me well in the trying on phase, I may even make a pair for myself because I gave my gloves to the Maternal Parental.

On to my weight. Good grief. 2014 will be my year. I’ll make sure of it. Due to illness, I gained eight pounds. Hopefully, with the aid of hydrochlorothiazide in the coming year, I won’t be ill again and will be able to keep up with my exercises without pain. My target weight goal is 30lbs lost by January 2015 but I am really hoping to lose more than 30lbs. More like 100lbs but I know that’s unhealthy and unrealistic without a trainer, cameras and a prize at the end of it. I’ll be documenting all of this on my MyFitnessPal profile and blog as well as 43things as it’s my main goal to complete.

Effective today, I’m going to go through my stories, both in my head and on my computer, and work on whatever has an idea to it. I want to write a book by 2015 and I’m hoping my stories will be my ticket to doing that. It wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it would be a goal completed for me, so I’d have a reason to be proud.

I’m also going to make it my mission to complete my knitting and crocheting projects. Enough WIP startitis. Time to finish them!

Happy 2014 to come, everyone! May your year be filled with lots of great wonderful things. 🙂

Exercise Note To Self

Starting on 26 November 2013, I’ll be restarting my calisthenics for a total time of 120 minutes or two hours. Yeah!

Hopefully, this will make a difference in my weight where dancing hasn’t. I may also walk out there for a bit in a few day’s time to get my heart rate up without stressing my bedroom floor. It’s supposed to rain cats, dogs, giraffes, capybara and other fauna over the next few days. I’d rather not walk through that as I can’t swim yet.


Hi there, you beautiful people! Long time no see. I’ve been rather ill lately which prevented me from working out and getting up to do these blog entries. Thankfully, I feel as though I’m getting better. So, I’m getting back into my fitness groove.

I joined the MyFitnessPal site to help me keep track of things. They have an integrated smartphone app to go with their site which really helps me update my profile on the site. I really liked it when I was able to track my weight and progress on Wellsphere but they just got too spammy for my tastes. This MyFitnessPal looks to be a good site though, so I’ll keep up with it and hopefully, I’ll see some results reflected in my entries.

On the Crafting front, I am still working on the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper Mini, the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper – Blanket 2013, Villimarjatar, Keith’s Socks II and Ziller’s Symphony. Though, I’m mainly working on the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper Mini as well as Keith’s Socks II and Ziller’s Symphony. Things are going great. I ran low on my first color of yarn so, from here on out, I’m going to reverse the color pattern. I have a preponderance of beige, so that’s going to be the dominant color towards the end. For now though, I’m going to make the big rounds in colors with the beige as the dividing lines. I’m hoping for a gradual shifting of the colors over to when I’m just using beige.

The socks are…the socks. I love this method of knitting and I plan on taking them with me when I go to the doctor in a few weeks time. That way, I’ll have long finished the baby blanket and will be able to focus solely on the socks. I would like to learn a new method of knitting though. When I’m not crocheting…and sometimes when I am, I’m learning how to knit using the Magic Loop method of knitting. If two sets of needles is easy, one set of needles ought to be blissful. I can slide it down onto the cable and throw it in my bag whenever I have to move quickly. I like that.

The other stuff is in the background, waiting to be worked on. I’ll get to it.

Well, that’s about it for this “I’m still alive” post. I’m going to get back to crocheting so I can focus on the socks. Eventually. Later! ❤