I Am On The Waitlist!!!!!

May I present a “Yay” with a “Hey” and a “Yay Hey Hey”?


I finally got in contact with the Community Gardens Liaison for this region and got put on the waitlist for getting a plot at my local community garden. Apparently, the waitlist is quite long but I am willing, nay, eager to wait if it means I get a plot by the end of it all. According to the nice woman I talked with, there is a priority for senior citizens as they’re accessible plots designed for people with disabilities and mobility issues. I’m cool with that. Sooner or later, I’ll get a plot. Once I get it, I’m not letting it go. *tenacious growl*


I am so overjoyed just to be on the waitlist.


In other news, I’m getting the Aerogarden Bounty today. Henceforth, it shall be known as the Aerogarden of Serendipity. I got it on sale, mere hours before the sale was to run out, thanks to a friend who showed interest in getting an Aerogarden that I happened to have. Despite choosing the cheapo five to eight day Free Shipping option, it came within two days of ordering it. Fortuitous, yes?


Today also happens to be the last water change I do for the Aerogarden of Hope before I clean it out and sell it on.


In recognition of all the hard work the Aerogarden of Hope has done, I’ve made a video to say goodbye. (YouTube link)


Nothing much else is happening right now. Just the construction of the Boba Fett figurine and the Child-Bearer’s Cardigan Part Deux via crocheting.


Have a fantastic day, All!

Finished The Cosmos Practice Doily!!!!!!

I like this pattern as it’s a challenge but I did have trouble with some of it.

For my own future notes:

Round 5 – The treble crochet cluster stitches are a monster. Gently wriggle the hook through these if you want to keep your hook…and your eyes protected from flying broken hook heads.

Round 8 – Very confusing to read but written correctly. Pay close attention to detail on this round.

Round 11 (Setup round for Round 12) After doing the three treble crochets with the chain 3 on either side, be sure to do SEVEN consecutive chain five, single crochets BEFORE you do the next three treble crochets with a chain 3 on either side. Anything else will cause nightmares.

Round 12 – Remember the mnemonic: “First comes the queen, then the king”. In essence, first comes the more elaborate treble crochet grouping (Queen), then the chain 5 single crochets twice in the loops, then the less elaborate treble crochet grouping (King), then two more chain 5, single crochet twice in the loops.

The pattern actually isn’t complicated, excepting those parts. Just a lot of trebles, chains and single crochets with a few double crochets and slip stitches thrown in for good measure.

Next up on my agenda, I will start The Cosmos Doily Madness. Then, later, I will knit some on the Hut Von Mike die Schlafmütze as my hands need rest from using the small hook.

Resigned Relief On The Little Boy Blue Blanket

Based on input from various sources online and off, I’ve decided to continue crocheting the Little Boy Blue Blanket to it’s full capacity of 50″ x 50″. It’s going to be difficult but, considering the alternatives, it’ll be easier to crochet it out than unwind yards of blanket only to crochet it back up again in less than a weeks time.

I will say this: After this, do not attempt to commission me for things unless I give the green light for such things to be requested of me. I am so tired, I could scream. After this blanket is done, I want to get the stuff done for my friends and then take a long self centered break from crocheting and knitting for other people. I still haven’t made my own Winter accoutrements. I still have socks on the circular needles that should have been made ages ago.

I tend to be too open and giving with my crocheting and knitting skills. Believe me, that’s changing. From here on out, I’m being selfish. I’d really better love you or you’d better have a darn good story if I’m going to make something for you for free after this.

I’m just tired of doing things for free for most people or of being taken advantage of when I actually do charge.

I will, of course, continue to knit and crochet for charities I’ve garnered a working relationship with over the past decade. That should go without saying. For everyone else, consider carefully what you think my work is worth. Don’t ask for the Sistine Chapel of knitting and crocheting and pay me a 3 year olds finger paintings worth.