Best and Worse Case Scenarios

After crying my eyes out all night while researching the worse case scenarios for The Maternal Parental’s condition, I steeled my face and told her what I’d discovered researching. Regardless of my speculation and her reticence, she’s going in to see the doctor. I’m going to make sure of it.


Best case scenario is this: A fracture and/or break, muscle spasm and/or Arthritis of some kind. The sudden onset of the condition has me leaning towards this as a likely possibility. Between her bad osteoporosis and her weight, something like a fracture or break seems plausible. It sounds weird to say but I am really hoping for this first option. That can heal with time and care.


The fact that the pain is radiating through one of her muscle groups surrounding the ribs makes muscle spasm another possibility. A while ago, the Maternal Parental had a similar pain in her upper shoulder that was debilitating in its painfulness. The doctor at the time told her it was a bad case of bruising due to her bra being too tight. That can’t be the cause this time though, as it’s radiating from her spine and wrapping around her right ribs. Still, better than the worst thought.


Arthritis too is better than the worse case scenario. It’s at least treatable with pain killers. Not as good as a break or fracture, because it’s a chronic condition, but good nonetheless because it isn’t fatal.


Now for the worse case scenario. Cancer of some kind, likely Multiple Myeloma. Her mother and aunt both had the same condition, with her aunt living for 9 years after diagnosis. It didn’t look like a very nice disease to have either. I can recall the effects of the therapy on my great-aunt and the effects of the condition on my grandmother. I really hope the Maternal Parental doesn’t have this. I asked my mom what she wanted done in the event it was Multiple Myeloma and she would seek treatment if it turns out to be the disease.


Even though this is all only speculation, I’m glad of that determination to live.


I’m going to put a rush on these gloves and other projects while the Maternal Parental is laying down, so I can be there to help her when she wants to get up.



The Maternal Parental is sick again. This time, she’s having pain in her lower back radiating up her side. She’s been taking Ibuprofen but they’ve barely made a dent in the pain. She’s in so much pain that she’s having trouble breathing and moving around.


I’m really worried. Crying face


It’s gotten so bad that she’s talking about quitting smoking again. I hope she means it this time.