Summer WIP Frogging

Apparently, I’m driven to eliminate languishing WIPs and destash my hoard of yarn. Why, I don’t know but it appears to be happening and I’m being quite cut throat, where before I was quite sentimental about my Works In Progress.


My listing:


Blodeuwedd The Hat for me
Little Boy Blue Blanket (Loading…45%)
Cosmos Doily Madness: Doily Three (Loading…95%)
Child-bearer’s Cardigan (Frogged)
Boba Fett Amigurumi Doll
Rose Doily #804
Bigger on the Inside Shawl
Gloves for myself
Villimarjatar Shawl (Frogged)
Large Pineapple Doily (Loading…50%)
Monster Slippers for Valerie
Volunteer Scarves
Volunteer Baby Hats (Loading…5%)
Cardigan of the Progenitor (Loading…16%)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Hobbes – Yay! (Loading…53%)


If you’re wondering why I’m making five Hobbes dolls, it is due to the fact of a promissory backlog. I promised four people Hobbes dolls as gifts and figured there was no time like the present when, on hearing that the Pharmacy Delivery Driver’s birthday was upcoming, the Maternal Parental begged me to make him a Hobbes doll in appreciation. She actually pleaded with me to put aside the work I was doing on her cardigan and get working on the Hobbes doll as soon as possible.


So, knowing that I had this backlog growing, I figured I’d eliminate them all at once. I’m currently 53% completed with this task. At this point, I can do this pattern in my sleep, which is good because I have been falling asleep at the desk while working.


Onto Villimarjatar. I initially tried to make this shawl in a sock yarn. Until I saw an episode of Fruity Knitting where Romi Hill was interviewed, I was fully prepared to knit eight hundred yards into my shawl using said yarn despite being unhappy with the look of my progress. Let’s hope that the new yarn I’ll be using works more effectively.


The reclaimed sock yarn will be going into two projects. One cake will go into the Syncopation socks. The other cake will join my first attempt at Doublefun socks. I’ve been looking forward to making the Doublefun pattern for some time now. Some of the remainder may go into my take on the Find Your Fade shawl. We’ll see.


Into the destashing, one of my relatives has decided to rekindle her knitting skills and was fully prepared to go up to Joann’s to buy supplies with which to do so. I just couldn’t allow that seeing as I’ve got all this yarn and all these needles that hardly get use. So, I made her up a box that will, hopefully, make her happy.


What made me happy was, on seeing the depth and breadth of the box, the Maternal Parental decided that she wanted a batch of yarn as well. I really hope she means it this time. If they both keep at it, I’ll give them the more expensive yarns once I’ve fully divested of the less costly product. More people need to be knitting, crocheting, and weaving. That’s my philosophy.


My other philosophy is that, shock and awe, I’m moving away from acrylic. The more I work with wool and other natural fibers, the more I want to. Also, there is the environment to consider. Wool and natural fibers are…natural and biodegradable. As much as I like being the Empress of Economy, acrylic costs the environment in the long run even if it saves me money in the short term. So, in future, if I do buy acrylic yarn, it’ll most likely be a colorful wig project someone commissioned me for. Which is to say…not very likely.


About the only other thing on my RADAR is a story idea creeping on the periphery of my conscious thoughts. I dream it just fine but when I wake, the dream is gone from my mind like someone erased it. I’m determined to bang something out on this keyboard over the next few days. So, one way or another, something is getting into my OO.o Writer.


Until the next time, have a safe and fantastic journey around the Sun. Take care, my friends. Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow

One Down, Four to Go and Other Things

I did it. I got my first of five baby bees completed. Lotta’s Kimalainen is now waiting to be shipped off to Finland with a bunch of other stuff I promised her. I hope the kid it’s going to gets many years of happiness from it. I super stitched this thing and I plan on doing the same with all the other baby bees to ensure that they don’t come apart, no matter how roughly handled.

I plan on doing one a night until they’re completed, so I should be done by Saturday at the earliest. Deadlines again…

After that, or during even, I’m going to be working on the Mommy Sox and the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper – Blanket 2013. No deadline for the blanket but I’d like to at least get the Mommy Sox completed by the end of January if not sooner.

My back has been killing me lately. I’m not sure why it’s doing it either. To my knowledge, I haven’t injured it in the slightest, the weight has never given me a problem in this part of my back before and I have been sleeping comfortably at night. It’s not my posture, that’s perfect. I don’t know what it is. o_O

I guess I’m expecting a package today. Either UPS isn’t coming today or they failed to scan it when they put it on the truck for todays deliveries. The precious DivaCup I’ve waxed poetic about for so long is meant to come today. In addition to this, the last Sarah Jane Adventures, the stuff for my Mom (dishwashing detergent and Q-tips), the shampoo and conditioner.

The dishwasher detergent came yesterday in perfect condition, might I add? 🙂

*sigh* I really hope that stuff comes today. It’s already 16:47 (4:47pm) and there’s no sign of the truck anywhere. I’ve got until 20:00 (8:00pm), so I’m holding out hope until then.

Huh, my local Supermarket has progressed. They now sell Veg*n food, including my Mother’s favorite Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings and Skinny Cow Ice Cream. I may have to frequent them more and Peapod less this Winter since the delivery truck would have difficulty navigating any snow bound roadways. They even sell The Works cleaner now. If they just sold giant bags of Tilapia, I’d be in a culturally specific reward location right about now.

That’s about it for now without me whining about another 50% off sale at Joann’s for yarn with free shipping.


Much Ado About Nothing

*singsong voice* It’s that most wonderful time of the month…

Aside from the mega kRaMpZ from hell, puking my guts out and feeling like I’ve been steamrolled by a change in galactic dimension space, it’s been a riproaring adventure. 😀

Seriously though, I was freaking out majorly because, in addition to the massive illness I endured, I was down to my last five tampons. Da da da da! *suspense music*

Yeah, the dreaded perp walk of pads and tampons was soon to be in my future until I remembered I have Lunapads. Oh joy be unconfined, I have Lunapads. Now, I am in no mood to do the walk of doom to the local market (because the local “convenience store” no longer sells tampons) and given my current health status, I probably couldn’t make it that far without puking my guts out and passing out in the street even assuming the agoraphobia wasn’t an issue to contend with.

So, it was an unmitigated joy to remember that I bought a few Lunapads for just such emergencies but never had the chance to use them owing to my normally stocking up on Tampax like an end timer. Well, todays that day buckaroos.

I wish they were around in 1988 when I was six years old (nearly seven) and first bleeding. It might have made me look at my period in a different light from the beginning rather than as a plague upon my senses, a pain to endure and a waste of my otherwise valuable time. Instead, I might have gotten all Mother Earth-y about it.

Aside from that, I caught every sale on every site I love to frequent. Joann’s had a sale of 40-50% off of select items. One of those items included glorious Lion Brand’s Sock-Ease yarn at half off. If I had more money to spare, I would have bought more. To give you some idea of just how big a sale this was, I had over $400.00 worth of merchandise in my cart waiting for the day when I won Powerball or Megamillions and, when I logged in to check my cart, the selling price was down to just under $250.00.

I eliminated everything but the orders for sock yarn in every color I wanted and the yarn for orders I have to fulfill for other people. I managed to get about $130.00 worth of yarn for $60.00 even with tax. Included in this are two skeins of blue yarn that I’m going to use to make the TARDIS socks when next I can afford the pattern.

I must be losing my mind to even attempt this one but I’m going to make (or try to make) Villimarjatar Shawl when my knitting skills are nowhere near there yet. Still, you’ve got to start somewhere and that shawl is beautiful.

For the Amazon adventure, I managed to finally get my T-Fal Professional Total Non-stick frying pan as well as various other sundry merchandise to supply the house. The basics like shampoo and stuff. Basically, things I can get for cheaper online. In addition to this, I managed to get Torchwood: Miracle Day for the low low price of $16.99 since I had to raid the DVDs I also got Sherlock and the last season of the Sarah Jane Adventures.

I also got my Shea Butter and, if I can ever find a cheaper ethical dealer, I will. Yet, I shouldn’t complain. I’m happy with the product I get. It’s been great for my hair and it lasts forever in the fridge.

Aside from my boring shopping, the Cantaloupe Cover is coming along well. I managed to correct the mistake I was making a few rows into it and now its blossoming into its full glory.

Well, that’s me. I’m going to try to eat some oatmeal and then get back to The Cantaloupe Cover.

Avoiding Employment

Ok, this is just plain stupid.

If someone is desperate for a job, why would they turn down a perfectly good advertisement…

I know someone who claims to be desperate to find work but, despite repeated advertisements for jobs at the Jo-Anns up in Owings Mills, this person will not even apply for the job. It’s the very job they want but they’re not touching it. Instead, they’d rather travel thirty plus miles out of their way to work on the other side of the county at a place they know damn well they won’t be able to get to at the best of times. Forget about bad weather and traffic jams.

Me thinks someone doesn’t really want a job.

I actually kept this information from someone openly looking for work in the street Halloween night because I was hoping that this person would see reason and take this opportunity while its in their face.

See if I do this next time. I should have given that lady I saw the information instead. At least she was keen.

The Glitter Needles

A hairs breadth under a year ago (20 June 2006), I took the knitting class that set me on the path to making all the stuff I’ve made thus far.

At the time, I barely knew what to do with anything and had ordered my Susan Bates 10″ 8US Silvalume Single point straights from along with a pounder skein of black Caron yarn. I had originally intended on teaching myself to knit from a book I had but the diagrams were so badly drawn that it proved near impossible to get a handle on even the basics despite the detailed instructions.

Thankfully, it seemed as though the Multiverse was at my shoulder, encouraging me to learn because not only did an instructional knitting program come on WMPT early one Saturday morning but, on checking the Baltimore County Public Library website, I somehow ran across the advertisement for the one knitting class offered on there.

Such is my life. A weird conundrum of odd circumstances floating inexorably around me in an amusing pattern.

Anyway, I went to the class and whipped out my needles and big skein of yarn when a mother and daughter came in with bags from Joann’s just as the class was starting. They’d apparently come from a sale there and purchased a bunch of yarn, as well as the needles that have tormented me for nearly a year.

When I saw them, I swore to myself that I’d go up there and get a pair myself but sadly, my financial resources were highly limited and I wasn’t able to make it up there. I did search the website like a hawk but could find no mention or trace that the needles ever existed. I never gave up looking though and would spend at least two hours a week searching on all the knitting sites, the bowels of every search engine I could hit, and the Joann’s site.

Fast forward to last night and my running across this forum post while following my regular habit. I followed the link provided in the post and took a dive into the archives of QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog where I found THEM in the March 2006 archives!

I just posted a comment on the blog in the hopes that he’ll tell me something about them and where I might find them if they’re still available. I’m on pins and needles. 0_o

Knitting Fanaticism

I finally managed to get up to the JoAnns in Owings Mills yesterday afternoon.

All in all, it’s a pretty great place and I managed to pick up quite a few nice things there including a nice storage tub for all the yarn I’m slowly collecting, three new pairs of needles (sizes 8US, 3US Single Point, and 6US circular). I still need more sizes but I wanted to stay in budget and get only the things that I knew I’d need for the upcoming stuff.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a specific color of yarn I was looking for. Pastel yellow was all around but the more vibrant “Sunflower” shade of Caron Yarn was nowhere to be found and I need more than a few skeins for what I’d like to achieve. I was really looking forward to starting on my winter items for myself, specifically, the “Halloween” and “Bumblebee” style patterns I’ve been carting around in my head and was hoping to try out. My idea for one would be a zigzag pattern of orange, brown, and/or black for the Halloween items and the classic yellow and black striped pattern for the “Bumblebee” items. I was hoping to try making a scarf, hat, and maybe (ambitiously) a sweater, socks, tights, and/or gloves.

Sad for me that the items weren’t in there. I’m going to have to look on the yarn sites for Lion Brand and Caron to find the color and weight I’ll need to make each item. For the socks, I know I’m going to need the 3US or 6US, but I think the scarf and hat might be more forgiving and won’t have as much of a problem with the 8US needles as it’s worsted weight. I’m wishing myself luck in finding a deal online for a large amount. eBay seems to have a few but my finances are very limited.

I’ll have to see if I can consider it as a resource. If I can’t then a deal on either JoAnns, Amazon (HA!), or some other cheap yarn site might be in order.

Other than that I’ve gotten a shitload of yarn. I’ve gotten (Red Heart Lion Brand) a skein of “Royal“, a skein of “Painted Desert” a skein of “Woodsy“, a skein of “Hunter Green“, and two skeins of “Black“. This is on top of my already rather signifigant stash. I still need more though. Some of the things I want to do require A LOT of yarn…and longer circular needles.

Yes, I’m going to be busy for a while.

The only thing is that I can’t seem to get people to leave me alone while I’m trying to get used to using circular needles. Whenever I’m practicing, people feel the urgent need to stick their faces right in the way, in my light and line of sight, and consistantly ask what I’m doing before asking if I can do what I’m attempting to do. *throttle*

I’m going to pick this up. I have confidence in myself and I’ve got access to the Knitting Help site. I’ll do good for myself. The first thing I’m making is a bag for all the loose pieces of yarn left over from when I cut them off of the end of projects. I don’t like wasting anything and have been keeping these things since I first got yarn. I figure I’d find some use for them eventually but I don’t want them all over the place like they are now. Hence the bag idea. A container of some kind may also be purchased for buttons and other decorative paraphanalia.

I’m also going to be looking at my wishlist for stuff and possibly adding some things to it. I checked quite a few good books and DVDs about knitting and crochet out of the library which are quite interesting and informative. One in particular is called Odd Ball Knitting: Creative Ideas For Leftover Yarn and has given me a few ideas of my own.

I did come across something equally interesting. I saw a sale on the JoAnns site regarding a knitting loom kit being marked down to $14.99USD and I’m seriously considering buying it. According to the reviews, it allows the user to knit in a quarter of the time of needle knitting. This would be imperative if I’m to make something like a sweater or jacket. I do not want to spend the rest of my natural born life trying to knit out the various pieces of something as large as a dress, skirt, sweater, or jacket. I’m definitely going to be considering my options.

I think that’s enough for writing now. I’m still pretty worn out from going over to Owings Mills and carrying all that stuff home on the Metro System.