Evil Randomness

The Maternal Parental is recovering. She’s being a bit of a headache actually. Her and those cigarettes are driving me around the bend.



Ooooh, I love finished projects. Say hello to the first of the Cosmos Doily Madness. This particular doily set is for Kathleen. I am presently working on doily number two of this set. If I really work at it, I should get it finished sometime today.


It’s been such a rollercoaster these past few weeks, both personally and crafting wise. I haven’t had time to post owing to that. Hopefully, that’s all over now and I can get back to normal.


It’s now February. Yay. Unlike most years, I actually have people to celebrate Valentine’s with. I just hope I get to see them this month or thereabouts. I’ve got gifts either coming or already made for both, so that’s covered. Really, I just want to spend nice quality time with them.


In other situations, I forgot to put the steel crochet hooks in the gift bag for my protégé. I guess I’ll give them to him, along with some thread, when I see him again. Hopefully, he’ll bring me some delicious candy from the store he frequents.


I must be mad but…I’m determined to get another African Violet. This one is a really deep purple color. That’s if the supermarket still has it. I saw it about a month and a half ago but didn’t have the money to get it at the time because I was more concerned with getting actual food items and a snow shovel in the house. This time, I’ve saved up the 4.99. If they have it, I’m totally getting it.


Okay, time to admit the big evil. I shopped at Wal-Mart. Specifically, Walmart.com and I saved a lot of money. However, I feel evil for doing it. We needed household supplies and I just couldn’t carry it home this time around due to exhaustion. So, I ordered:


2x big bottles of Laundry Detergent

2x big boxes of Dishwasher Detergent

2x big bottles of Dishwashing Liquid Detergent

1x 27 count toilet paper

1x bubble bath for the Maternal Parental


It was the same price to cheaper than Amazon and it was all the brands I normally buy except for the bubble bath. The volume offered was fantastic and they’re shipping right to my door. I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I hope this order turns out alright so I can make this a habit. Shockingly, the Walmart.com site even has yarn. Even better, with the exception of the Dishwashing Liquid Detergent, almost the entire order shipped within a day for free. Good luck getting that to happen with Amazon without paying over $70.00USD a year for it.


For my next order, I’m getting two bookcases for my book and DVD/Blu-Ray collections. At $39.99USD per bookcase, I may finally have organizational sanity in my room instead of piled and stacked books and video media akin to the leaning tower of Pisa.


From Amazon, I finally got my friggin’ pie pans. Let the pot pie making commence. I also got a buttload of DVDs on the cheap as well as a few other things.


In the realm of sleep, I’ve been getting it but I’ve been having PTSD nightmares to go along with it. Mostly flashbacks of the things that happened to me but also a few fanciful scenarios that have almost no basis in reality other than merging with my memories of certain locations. Either way, the dreams suck. Yet, I have to sleep. Such a dilemma. 


Well, it’s time for me to get back to crocheting. I’ve got Doilies to finish. Later. Rolling on the floor laughing

While I’m Awake and Not Busy

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. We spent nine hours in the ER, waiting for some type of diagnosis or for my mom to be checked in if it was serious enough. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as dire as I thought it was. The Maternal Parental’s muscles in her back were the problem. No Cancer or blood clots or anything else except her Emphysema flaring up at the same time. I am worried for her suffering from so much pain but I am also so relieved. The Doctor said it will take some time to heal but that the muscles should heal themselves within a few week’s time.


I want to especially thank my friend and protégé, Todd. With no thought to his own business, he came and stayed with us the entire night. I really have no way to thank him enough for that as I was losing my mind by that point and my mom was in so much pain. By being there for us, he kept me out of the Inpatient psych ward from massive anxiety and my mom focused on something other than her pain. Thank you!


I’ve got to go fix dinner now. Later, Earthlings! Rolling on the floor laughing


The Maternal Parental is sick again. This time, she’s having pain in her lower back radiating up her side. She’s been taking Ibuprofen but they’ve barely made a dent in the pain. She’s in so much pain that she’s having trouble breathing and moving around.


I’m really worried. Crying face


It’s gotten so bad that she’s talking about quitting smoking again. I hope she means it this time.