Finished Dark Hexagonals and Hut von Mike die Schlafmütze!!!!!

Wow, am I ever tired! I finally finished both projects and managed to get a good portion of my desk cleared in the process of finishing these two patterns.

First, Hut von Mike die Schlafmütze:


This seems to be a recurring theme in my long delayed projects but it took me a month and a week to get this hat done owing to illness. I was sick with a fever and cold over the holidays. Once I got better, I went into high gear though. Then, after I had finished, my finger hurt enough so that I couldn’t do micro crochet work like I wanted to.

So, instead, I dusted off (literally) Dark Hexagonals:

I had originally started this afghan while sick with the WTAF flu. It went beyond a simple flu. I wrote about it back in October. Feel free to read that as I won’t rehash old stuff. Anyway, I started this project as my hands were peeling and shedding pretty badly. Pretty gross stuff just in time for my working with black cashmere and merino wool yarn. So, being badassed, I whipped out the pattern for the Hexagon Granny Afghan and decided to work on it until I stopped shedding like a snake. Ah, the best laid plans of Mice. The peeling eventually subsided and other things got in the way of me doing this project as well. 

Eventually, I finished all those projects and there this one was waiting to be completed. I really like it too. It’s most comfortable and warm. I have it on my chair right now while I procrastinate about weaving in the ends.

Next up on my agenda is another project started in 2014. I’m going to be working on the second pair of Handschuhe Times Three for my friend’s Dad. The gloves are in black, just like the first pair but they’re not sized for a giant this time. My friend’s Dad has hands about my size, so these will be a cakewalk to measure out. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll probably ask for a photo of his hand to be sure of the scale.

After that, I should be back in micro-crocheting headspace for the Cosmos Doily Madness to recommence. Yay.

Edit update 20:50 (8:50pm) Ugh, it’s so horrid. I’m using a different blogging software from normal. I normally use wBloggar but it’s not working for some reason, so I’ve had to use Windows Live Writer. I am a fan of doing all the hard work myself when it comes to writing out things. This feels weird but I’ll have to get used to it as my two main remote posters are not working. Sad smile


It sucks because I had them customized for all the languages I write in. Sad smile