Infinite Potential

Right now, I think I know what it feels like to be an un-sprouted seed, on the cusp of bursting forth into the cacophonic din of Life’s heady mix. I’m feeling that way and I’m not quite sure why. I’m long past the age of getting pangs of idealistic wanderlust. Yet, suddenly, I want to travel about, see all the things and do all the adventures. Ugh, is there a pill for this? Only kidding. Only just.


More realistically, I want to travel with my mind and write all the things. I am attempting to melt this Antarctic sized Writer’s Block I’ve got wedged in my brain but to no avail. In fact, the mere presence of it has crept over into my knitting and crocheting. Oh yes, I have Yarnblock or Fiberblock. Is there such a thing? The mere thought of my large scale projects gets me exhausted. So, I am looking forward to a small scale commission from my friend, Valerie. She wishes for me to make her Monster Slippers and I shall oblige, for her, free of charge. Something small, bright, fun and colorful could be just the thing to knock this creative blockage out of me.


If there’s one thing I’ve been doing well, it has been escapism. I’ve been re-watching Torchwood – Children of Earth for the umpteenth time. No spoilers here. All I will say is that it is a fantastic series and well worth watching.


No news about My Not So Secret Garden yet. The container garden and Aerogarden are doing lovely but I haven’t heard word one from the liaison for the community gardens since we talked a few months ago. I’m on the list. However long it takes, I’m willing to wait.


My Peppers sprouted today actually. I’m sitting on the fence about putting them under the Aerogarden’s light hood. Due to the Omega block weather patterning, we haven’t gotten much sun lately, so, if it’s cloudy tomorrow, I’m going to risk it and put the peppers as close as I dare to the hydroponically grown plants.


That’s about it until something interesting or exciting (or both) happens. Really missing Lotta right now.



Slipped Up Slippers

While taking a break from the frustration that is sock knitting, I decided on making a pair of crocheted slippers via a pattern I found on the inside of an old Phentex label.

The pattern said that the slippers are easy to make. So, of course, I’m having great difficulty figuring it all out. I highly doubt that there’s a website to reference as a search yielded up very little in the way of how to guides and, given the disco nature of the family’s clothing on the label, I’m even more in doubt that this company is still in business for me to write to.

I’m trying to think positively here. Maybe I’ll go back to watching videos on sock knitting.

Aside from this, I’ve centimetered along quite nicely on the Guppy slippers. Why I’m not focusing on this simple pattern is beyond me but my mind seems to want to do multiple things right now. It’s reading Goblet of Fire, contemplating watching Jeeves and Wooster, planning a knitted scarf and contemplating listening to Doctor Who while simultaneously crocheting blocks.

I need to focus on one thing. I pick socks as it’s the biggest challenge.

Tall Tremoring Order For Tree

KD_light_and_dark_blue_scarf00023 I made this scarf for an actor I’m a fan of (More and More). A friend and I actually conspired to horrify grace him with our artistry and he seemed appreciative. It was not only a gift for him but a “challenge” practice item for me in that he’s a bit hard to place due to his size and features. Whether he kept it all or not, who can say? Regardless, I just hope someone got some good use out of it. It took a blasted long time to knit and my artistic intentions were honorable. Horridly crude, stumbling, and amaturish, but honorable.

KD_light_and_dark_blue_scarf00032 A showing of the contrasting colors. I made it with a light and dark blue yarn but, owing to a sudden storm darkening my natural light, the pictures didn’t come out so great. The colors are actually quite bright and beautiful. One is a very light blue produced by Caron while the other is a darker Royal Blue by Red Heart. Mind you, it’s been a while. I may well have the two mixed up. Eep!

KD_light_and_dark_blue_scarf00010 I was temporarily possessed by Calvin here. Must be from reading too many comic strips combined with too overactive an imagination. Seriously, the scarf is eight feet long by around a foot and a half wide. I made it on a pair of 29″ 6US circular needles. It took a condensed time of twelve days to make it but, being lazy, I managed to stretch it out over several weeks leading up to a month.

I also made slippers but, for reasons of copyright, I can’t show the design on this site since it’s not mine to display or make any economic profit from.

kdgift00002 I can, however, show my being a smartypants in making a miniature version of both the scarf and slippers (not the same slippers design) as a passive agressive joke about said actors height. As you can see, the items are very much smaller than a foot long. Actually, this photo most accurately represents the colors of the scarf. The picture is one of a series taken on a different day with much less cloud cover. :p

I also made a matching hat but that’s another post entirely. Check this blog for more on that piece of s…work.