Fostering Positivity

The few of you who know me personally are well aware that I am often brooding to the point that Eeyore would have something to say to me in response to my mood. Comparisons have been made to some cartoon from the 90s called ‘Daria’ as well as a host of other comments.


Thanks to the intervention of QueerJoe’s blogpost, I’ve decided to do something about it. I am going to dedicate myself to fostering positivity in the world. Wherever I can and whenever I can, I am going to do good works for the sake of doing good. It’s my hope that this Positivity web/chain/whatever that started with QueerJoe expands outward and encompasses as many people as are willing to participate. I hope that there are a lot of people willing to join in on the fun.


First, I am going to dive into all these unfinished projects that have been accumulating dust on my desk recently. Not only is this not good for my asthma, it’s not good for my creativity, nor my allergies, nor my sanity. So, those are out of the way ASAP.


Next, I will do a vlog. This will be the first formal “sit down” vlog I’ve done in months. So many things have happened in my life between then and now. Hopefully, this video will be cathartic and just the right balance of entertaining with educational.


Positive news about the Maternal Parental: Her eyes are in magnificent condition right now. The surgery site healed well and her glaucoma is under control with the aid of medications. She’ll be fitted for glasses within a few weeks.


Tonight will be a night of reveling in movies. I’ve got Demolition Man, Dragonslayer and The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses. Last night was Priest and Legion. Hopefully, I can overcome my shyness to actually talk about some of these movies and shows I look at in greater detail.


About the only other things happening right now are three burgeoning friendships and the rise of the Mega Cherry Tomatoes in the Aerogarden of Serendipity. The Sweet Pickle Organic Peppers died due to my overzealous application of Neem.


That’s all. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day, Everyone!

Infinite Potential

Right now, I think I know what it feels like to be an un-sprouted seed, on the cusp of bursting forth into the cacophonic din of Life’s heady mix. I’m feeling that way and I’m not quite sure why. I’m long past the age of getting pangs of idealistic wanderlust. Yet, suddenly, I want to travel about, see all the things and do all the adventures. Ugh, is there a pill for this? Only kidding. Only just.


More realistically, I want to travel with my mind and write all the things. I am attempting to melt this Antarctic sized Writer’s Block I’ve got wedged in my brain but to no avail. In fact, the mere presence of it has crept over into my knitting and crocheting. Oh yes, I have Yarnblock or Fiberblock. Is there such a thing? The mere thought of my large scale projects gets me exhausted. So, I am looking forward to a small scale commission from my friend, Valerie. She wishes for me to make her Monster Slippers and I shall oblige, for her, free of charge. Something small, bright, fun and colorful could be just the thing to knock this creative blockage out of me.


If there’s one thing I’ve been doing well, it has been escapism. I’ve been re-watching Torchwood – Children of Earth for the umpteenth time. No spoilers here. All I will say is that it is a fantastic series and well worth watching.


No news about My Not So Secret Garden yet. The container garden and Aerogarden are doing lovely but I haven’t heard word one from the liaison for the community gardens since we talked a few months ago. I’m on the list. However long it takes, I’m willing to wait.


My Peppers sprouted today actually. I’m sitting on the fence about putting them under the Aerogarden’s light hood. Due to the Omega block weather patterning, we haven’t gotten much sun lately, so, if it’s cloudy tomorrow, I’m going to risk it and put the peppers as close as I dare to the hydroponically grown plants.


That’s about it until something interesting or exciting (or both) happens. Really missing Lotta right now.



Tantalizing Taste Extravaganza


On the 25th of January, I finally had a chance to do what the Maternal Parental had beaten me to. I was finally able to sample the fruit of the tomato vines I have growing in my room. I laid claim to the tomato in the foreground in the picture below.


After a little snip, the juicy and delectable morsel of fruit was mine for the eating. I savored every moment I had with this yummy parcel of photosynthetic sweetness but finally, I had to eat it. If only to save my sanity from the torment of being in such close proximity to a potentially delicious vessel of sweetness.



A taste explosion occurred, all at once, in my mouth! It was, to be honest, the best tomato I have ever eaten. It was sweet, juicy, and just the right firmness to give my taste buds a blast of rich, flavorful goodness. Thank you, Aerogarden, for making this possible!


Aside from that, I am continuing to work on the Obrigada Shawl for João’s aunt. It is about half done now. This Knit Picks yarn is fantastic to work with. It’s Swish Worsted in the colorway Serrano. It’s a 100% Superwash Merino wool which is very soft against the skin, yet strong enough to handle repeated frogging. I think she’s going to like it. I’m a lot further along than the picture below but this gives you an idea of the color as well as a picture of the pattern’s example picture. More advanced pictures coming as soon as I work my way through these two cakes of yarn I have hooked up to the project.



Oh yeah, threw my back out shoveling snow for the first time in my life. I shoveled the snow in front of my door, making a pathway to the shoveled portion my neighbors did. I estimate I lifted two to three hundred pounds of snow the other day. I shoveled until I got to pavement, for safety reasoning. I’m not 100% sure but I think my neighbor then went over it with road salt, because it was completely clear when I went back out later to take the garbage out. Nice people.


In other good news, The Maternal Parental watched the complete series of Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey. Prior to this, all she had seen was Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. I’m so proud of her for accomplishing this. She was enlightened greatly by the series and amazed by how many scientific discoveries had happened after her schooling in the 1940s – 1950s. It also shed light upon how much they didn’t teach her in segregated schools of that time.


I’d better get back to this shawl now. I’m so close to the end, I’m putting aside all other projects to get it finished. It hurts my hands a lot less than those other projects. Later!

Update On The Birthday Shawl

As you can see, I’ve been quite busy. I went from ten completed rows to twenty-nine. The October Rust Birthday Shawl is coming along quite well in my opinion. In all honesty, I am hoping to have it completed by the end of this month, which would fit quite nicely with my schedule.


I have been alternating crocheting this shawl and writing the Untitled Melusine Gordon story while listening to music during the nighttime hours. An odd thing for me, I haven’t felt the urge to turn the television on these past few weeks. That really does make a change from what I’m used to doing. The television is usually my default background noise or high altar depending on what’s on it at the time. Yet, within the past few weeks, I’ve hardly had it on. I’ve been getting my news from the Breaking News App and my weather reports from Accuweather’s App. Could this be one more thing that aging has changed for me? Confused smile


Last night into early this morning, I eliminated the adverbs from a part of the as yet untitled Melusine Gordon story. All these years, I’ve been writing with adverbs and weakening my stories in the process. That changes now and it’s thanks to last night’s writing assignment. I will complete the first draft of the story I’m working on now but, in future revisions, I will be eliminating as many adverbs as possible. They are now the enemy to my writing.


Tomorrow, I’m considering filming my first proper vlog. I am still unsure about just what I’m going to put in it but tomorrow has presented itself as a good time to do it. I might read from one of my books for part of it. I’m partial to my one Ellis Peters book, The Virgin In The Ice, as a potential filler. It’s semi-historical and it’s a mystery as well as being a very good read. Well, I’ve got the rest of today and early tomorrow morning to figure it out. The finished video should be live by tomorrow night. What on Earth am I getting myself into? *sigh* Embarrassed smile


The thing is, I’ve bought the stuff to film with, so I might as well do it. Wish me luck!


Later, Peoples of the Sun! Rolling on the floor laughingRed heartRainbow

Safe Journey Back To Stardust, Leonard Nimoy


Leonard Simon Nimoy – March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015

Random Cacophony

Most of this morning has been dedicated to reading blogs featuring the subject of Polyamory. Through the process of wikiwhacking (wordpresswhacking?), I’ve found quite a few good reads and I’ve been devouring them eagarly. I’ve even found a new book series to look forward to reading once I get my hands on it. Thankfully, the former dearth of information and references related to Polyamory seems to be coming to an end. I’ve been finding a lot of good blogs, articles and resources that weren’t around ten years ago. Thank you, creators: past, present and future who contribute to this wealth of knowledge for our community.


Poly In the Cities

I came across:


Via a blogpost on the above named site, I came across this review of a book series that has really got me stoked to find out more about it.

Through another liking and comment on the 3men1house blog, my comment was liked by the above named author. Either that or a very uncommon name is common on that blog.

From there I stumbled upon:

Kyle Richtig’s blog which is also filled with very good writing.

So, today’s been a good day for literacy.

Aside from that, I’ve been knitting. I’ve got a finger and a glove left on Mike’s gloves before I weave in the ends. After I finish the gloves, I’m going to fast track my friend Ari and my other friend Todd’s parent’s stuff. I have a valid reason for tossing my schedule in the air.

I’ve been invited to a reading of The Glass Menagerie by my friend Todd and I’m hoping at least one of his parents will be there so I can give them their stuff. I’m guessing that Ari will be there, so I can give her the rainbow goodness scarf I started making for her back in September before I got sick.

Other than that chaotica, nothing of substance is happening in the House of KaliTime. So, I’m going to dive into a marathon of Buffy – The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Doctor Who until my eyes can’t take it anymore.

For now though, it’s back to knitting. 🙂

My “Day of the Doctor” Experience at BSFS

Yesterday was the most fantastic day I’ve had in years.

It all started when my friend and his Dad picked me up (agoraphobia, remember) and, after picking up his friend, we rode down to the best pizza I have ever eaten at a place called Matthew’s Pizza. We had wonderous garlic bread and three kinds of pizza: pepperoni, everything but olives and the famous crab pizza. I have never tasted such bliss before yesterday afternoon. I dreamed of that pizza’s wholesome goodness and they were blissful dreams.

After we ate, we rode around to The Baltimore Science Fiction Society to watch The Day of the Doctor. The wonderful people of the BSFS held a free screening of the 50th Anniversary showing of Doctor Who and it was amazing! I’m still in tremors over how absolutely fantastic the whole experience was. While I was there, I got a chance to see a very good friend of mine. I hadn’t seen him in person in years, since pre-agoraphobia days. It was really great reconnecting with him.

While we were there, some guy in a Doctor #4 scarf was handing out jelly babies. Most people, including me took them. It was a really sweet gesture of camaraderie and nostalgia for the show.

I must admit, once I was put in front of a big screen, I went into viewer zombie mode. I could barely make out what my friends and my friend’s Dad were saying but I tried to answer as best as I could. Some of the questions were about series seven, which I haven’t seen yet. That will be rectified today. A few of the questions were about me. Boooooring.

For those who haven’t seen it, fear not, there will be no spoilers on my blog. I respect your viewing pleasure.

One awesome thing I did see in the pre-show coverage was someone who’d completed Kate Atherley’s Doctor Who: Bigger On The Inside shawl showing it off. It never fails to inspire seeing that wonderful masterpiece completed. The drape and construction were fantastic! I can’t wait to get mine started with the yarn I bought for it. I nearly screamed when I saw it. Doctor Who has such awesome and amazing fans.

We watched the show and it simply tore our hearts out. As usual. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place by the end. There was a strategic box of tissues for anyone who needed it and, let’s just say, it got a lot of usage yesterday.

All good things must come to an end. My friends and I had to leave right after the show ended. I said my farewells to my very good friend and proceeded to wheeze and power walk my way through the darkening streets of East Baltimore to get to the nearest bus stop that would take us to the Metro. Suprisingly, I made it and we waited in the growing chill. I was so elated having seen Doctor Who’s 50th that I didn’t even feel it for a while and neglected to put my coat on for most of the wait. Eventually, common sense took over and I put the bloody thing on. 😀

I was so absorbed in the afterglow of the 50th that I could barely talk. So, my friends carried the conversation on the Metro ride out to our connecting stops. After warm hugs, we said farewell at their stop and I, shockingly, continued on to my own stop. No anxiety attack, no freaking out.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, I’m agoraphobic. Distressingly so. I can’t normally leave the house without escort and, last night, I was able to complete the journey home on the bus and walking by myself. That’s the power of friendship and Doctor Who on me. I can complete amazing feats without my Linus Blankets with me.

So, in the 27F cold, I made my way home. I’m bursting to tell you all about the showing itself but…spoilers.

My eternal thanks of gratefulness go out to the members of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society for hosting this event and allowing us, the Fan Family, to see The Day of the Doctor for free. I highly recommend everyone goes to the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. They’ve got all sorts of wonderful things going on there from critique circles, to movie outings, to board gaming, to the largest collection of Science Fiction related books I’ve seen outside of a public library and so much more. Please check them out? 🙂

That’s about it. I need to go help The Maternal Parental bake a cake and watch Doctor Who series seven as well as a plethora of other movies and series. Later!