Weight Dilemma

I was all prepared to post the following to Fitbit but thought better of it:


This is proving difficult so I’m seeking advice. A while back, I was on my way to being physically fit. I exercised five days a week and ate meals with the proper nutrition. I was even doing well in the C25K program.


Then, I got multiple injuries. Two rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis in both feet, de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, encroaching arthritis, and my knees started acting up. It seems like, no matter which way I turn, I am hurting. I want to get back to working out but the pain is so great, I am having trouble finding the motivation.


I do rehabilitative exercises for my shoulders, hand, and feet but I’m in too much pain to do much else. I don’t want to go against doctor’s advice but I’m just getting heavier sitting here.


What would you do? Would you exercise regardless or just gain the weight and heal before trying again?


Even though it is against my doctor’s advice, I’m going to go back to working out. I don’t like where I am at the present and would prefer to be more active even though it is tremendously painful. I’ll do my best to avoid agitating my shoulders, thumb and knees but I’m afraid my feet are going to suffer.


My new goal weight is 120lbs. Technically, that is overweight for my height and build but I’d rather be 120 than 96. That low a weight just doesn’t seem like it is achievable to me or healthy regardless of what the BMI says.


I’m going to spend today figuring out my new meal plan. Then, first thing tomorrow, I’m going to heed my alarm’s call and exercise. Wish me luck.

Random Sunday Updates

Hello Everyone. It has been some time since I last posted here. I have been, admittedly, a bit busy, of late. Instead of focusing on Facebook and goofing off online, I’ve been focusing on myself and developing my potential for future application in the meatspace. I’ll just run through a few of the highlights here, shall I?


OK Cupid


I have finally gone through on the longstanding promise of deleting my OK Cupid account. The site just stopped being fun. When it first started, there were all kinds of bells and whistles to make you want to stay on the site for hours. Now, it’s more and more like the other sites. On top of that, the avalanche of crude messages I received should have been enough to make me leave a lot sooner than a few weeks ago. Had it not been for the deluge of bad messages, I might have connected with a truly wonderful person I exchanged e-mails with in 2010 a lot sooner than recently. It’s a long story, possibly for another time and another post. Suffice it to say, I haven’t been this blissfully happy in quite some time.


The Departure of the Protégé


My Knitting and Crocheting Protégé is moving out of state in a few weeks. Not like I got a chance to do more than get him fitted out in hooks and a few needle sets. I had plans for so much more but now, if we both have the time, it’ll have to be long distance and via Skype or something.


This leaves a vacancy for a Protégé in my life. I’m going to attempt to recruit the Maternal Parental for the role. She’s been showing an interest in the hook set I bought her years ago. Perhaps we could spend quality time together crocheting and knitting? Who knows? It would be a nice thing to have happen.


The Fitness


Up through to the present day, I’ve been focused on improving my health through diet and exercise. I’ve finally managed to make headway on this front. I’ve lost thirty-two pounds and several inches thus far. I’m now in smaller clothing, which is nice. I even managed to fit a dress I bought in 2011 that I was barely able to fit then. It’s loose on me now. My routine is pretty brutal during the week and much more forgiving during the weekends (to give my body a chance to rest). I’m hoping that I can maintain this level of activity for a while before ramping things up again for the next phase of fitness. A highlight was when I got in over 100,000 steps this past week.


The Container Gardens


The plants keep growing. After all, they’re living entities. Specifically the Mega Cherry Tomato in the Aerogarden. Since I last posted, some of the tomatoes have ripened and some have been harvested. They’re very tasty too.


2016-09-29 02.55.06

2016-09-29 19.16.04

2016-10-01 04.16.23

In addition to the tomatoes growing amazingly well, I have an inflorescence in my house. One of my Snake plants has decided to put up a flower spike.

2016-09-24 12.41.47


The Comestibles


Aside from the above pictured tomatoes, I had something of a treat a few weeks ago. A dear relative gifted half a bushel of the most delectable Maryland Peaches to the Maternal Parental and I. Below is an example Peach.


2016-08-30 19.47.36


So, of course, I had to make Peach Pie. It was practically a requirement that I do this in the name of Science, Asgard, and Loki. It may not have won the Great British Baking Show with its looks but it sure was tasty. *grin*


2016-08-28 20.35.33


The Culling


In recent weeks, I’ve finally done the Mega Culling I’ve threatened to do for a while now. My books, my precious books. Some of them are up for grabs now. Some have already been re-homed. I hope they give many years of enjoyment to their new Humans.


A before and after of my bookcase:


2016-09-12 04.57.33


2016-09-21 21.38.14


More books may be culled. The decision hasn’t been finalized yet.



The Old School Gaming


Ten years ago, I bought a six in one gaming set from Amazon, it includes a set of dominoes, a deck of cards, a Chess/Checkers board with pieces for both games, a Cribbage set, and a Backgammon set.


2016-08-23 22.36.28


I had bought this with the intention of spending quality time with people but, sadly, no one wanted to play. It’s all video games now. So, I’m going to teach myself to play these games, find video games for them, and play by myself. Then, when that glistening, shining moment arises where someone asks the $64,000.00 question of “Do you know how to play…” I’ll be able to say, “Yep”.


The Crafting


Finally, I can update the world, nay, Multiverse on the progress of these damned socks. The Rainstorm II Socks are Finished. Complete. Finito. My proof.


2016-09-25 01.17.57


It only took me from 19 February 2015 until 25 September 2016 to get them completed. As I stated previously on Instagram, this is not acceptable. The next pair of socks I start get finished within a month or I don’t get to keep them. Instead, they’ll go to the nearest Mens 9.5/Womens 11/43cm shoe size wearing person I can find. My knitting is fast enough to have finished these socks within a week of starting them, if not sooner. That’s with ample breaks to rest my finger from the brass needlepoint of my circular needles (Magic Loop knitting). Just because I was able to put it down repeatedly didn’t mean that I should have.


Anyway, onto the socks themselves. They’re very toasty warm and deliciously soft on my feet. The yarn was a dream to knit with and I’m really looking forward to making more socks in the other colorways of this yarn, which is Stroll Hand Painted from Knit Picks. The pattern is called Misti Sock Family and the pattern designer’s name is Kate Atherley.


Once I completed the socks, I decided to work on a crochet project for someone very dear to me. It’s something I’m presently working on actually. Once completed, it’ll be the second Amigurumi Adipose Baby I’ll have made but the first I’ve made in wool. Let me just say that, but for my cheap nature, if I could afford to work in wool all the time, I would. This project has been nothing short of luxurious on my hands. The wool was actually his request, so I thank him for requesting it. This pattern is called the Amigurumi Adipose and the pattern designer is Jennifer Christensen.


This is as far as I’ve gotten:


2016-10-01 22.37.06


All I have left to do is crocheting, stuffing, and attaching the feet before weaving in the ends. I hope to get this done in an hour or two.


NaNoWriMo 2016


I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month 2016. I have no idea what I’m going to write as of today. I suppose this makes me a “Pantser” until I come up with an idea? I still haven’t finished the novel from last year. Some day…


This year, I’m going to be a lot more basic with my characters, background, and storyline. I want to finish something tangible by the deadline. What I have from last year is okay, it’s just a lot of writing with more writing to come. I need something that’s going to be less War and Peace and more quick and easy read. It is October now. I really need to get myself in gear.


Okay, I think that’s it. My stomach is rumbling and I have a workout to get in, so have a fantastic day.

Vampire Writing Hours

I’ve been so stressed out lately. I’m giving serious thought to inverting my schedule just so I can get some peace and quiet to write in. Apparently, it takes the passage of midnight for people to stop banging on the friggin’ front door or ringing the phone. Sometimes… *glare* …not even then will the noise stop.


The only writing I’ve gotten done is a story I’ve completed after nine years. It’s not for NaNoWriMo but it’s something I’ve been anxious about completing. I consider it done now at thirty-nine pages. Thanks to my friend, it has a title. I’ve put it up on a few sites, including my own InsaneJournal behind F-lock. I may put it up on another site a friend just told me about last night but, for that, I’ll have to go over it with a fine toothed comb for errors. I do that now but, as of now, it’s just me reading my writings. No Beta reader. I’ll just have to up my game of checking after myself. I did get positive feedback about it though. That’s something. Now, I just have to keep churning them out.


Finally have an appointment for the doctor to get this bronchitis checked out. I don’t have the strength or the patience to go to the offices with more open appointments available, so I’m waiting for the one in my area even though it’s got fewer available appointments and on a later date.


Speaking of appointments, I have an appointment to donate platelets in forty four days. This will be the first time I’ve been back in almost four years. Life and various tiny illnesses/injuries just kept getting in the way. Like this darn bronchitis. Hopefully, I’ll be in peak physical condition come my appointment time. I normally pull a high number too, whatever that means. I’ll remind myself to look up what that means. It’ll just be fun to be helping out again.


I’m also taking my buddy, Winky – the Blood Drop.


He’s a squeeze ball. I made him off of a pattern I found on Ravelry.


I’m getting sleepy now. So, I’m going to take a nap, so I can wake up at 1am my time to write. Later!

Consequential Clicking

Who would have thought that clicking the Add Friend button on Social Media could be so difficult? I’ve been semi-compulsively hovering my mouse over that button on my sister’s profile page for the better part of two months now. I haven’t seen her in person since 2003 and I haven’t talked with her since 2004. I’m just hoping that the subterfuge I use to keep my identity secret doesn’t dissuade her from adding me to her friends list.


In other clicking, I’m back to the Rainstorm II socks. I’ve set a deadline of this weekend to be at or near completion and, for a change, I’m not laughing about this. I actually think I can achieve this goal with the proper application of hard work. I’m trying to build up a bunch of little achievements so I feel good enough about myself that I might actually successfully complete NaNoWriMo.


Onto still more clicking, I’ve been tapping away at the keyboard with a tentative story idea. Now all that remains is to flesh out the backstory, characters, outline and any other fluff and filler that might be required for this story to come to fruition.


Still more clicking, bear with me. I’ve been…what does one call “window shopping” when one is not in a brick and mortar environment? Anyway, I’ve been looking at clothing. I’m down to one pair of pants, no thanks to the Maternal Parental bogarting my pants from me. So, I’m going to get her and myself new pants before I put barbed wire and such between her and my new stuff.


Funny thing is, I would never have known Amazon had these pants had I not logged into my old K-Mart account. When I first bought these pants, I got them from the latter and had fully intended on going back for more. Since that time, they’ve stopped selling the ones I bought. Lucky for me, Amazon and a host of other merchants now sell them for cheapish prices.


In other news, I’ve finally made my friend’s son the bear I promised.


This makes the third bear of this pattern I’ve made. I’m resting this pattern for a bit while I go do other things. I’ll come back to it eventually but, for right now, I want to finish up other projects that are long overdue or calling to me like an resounding echo.


About the only other thing happening in my life right now is the fact that I’ve lost five pounds. Now, it’s just a matter of keeping it off.


Take care, Peoples of the Sun.

Bread Baking Bonanza

I have discovered that I have just enough yeast to bake some bread. It’s SO going to happen today.


My last two loaves weren’t my best baking. Owing to my own laziness in greasing the pans while depending on the Maternal Parental to do the aforementioned, the bread rose a little too long in the first rising and lost all the fizzy goodness for the second rising. Alas, my bread was doughy.


This time around, I’m going to time it to exact measurements with the hope that I can make this small amount of yeast last.


Not much is happening today beyond that. I am getting ready to knit the gloves, watching New Scandinavian Cooking and adding my blogs to this new (for me) remote poster.


As to this poster, I’m getting used to it. It’s weird seeing my blog colors as a part of the posting template but, other than that, Windows Live Writer is very intuitive and not at all difficult to work with. LOL, I like things difficult though. It even allows me to set categories and tags in the post, as well as make new ones. That’s worth a lot, not having to log into the site to do so.


So, I am finally going to follow my fitness schedule tonight. I lost some weight and I’ve got a motivation to lose more. I’m not just going to dance tonight, I’m going for the full 90-120 minute workout. I’m hoping that, within six weeks, there will be a noticeable difference in my weight and overall muscle tone. Ugh, I’m really not looking forward to this but…it must be done.


I also cancelled the appointment with Bethesda. The Maternal Parental has been majorly freaking out about the possibility of something “tragic and devastating” happening on my planned trip. She’s older and delicate now. I don’t want to worry her unnecessarily.


One thing I have to look forward to are my Protégés. One, I don’t have direct contact with but the other I do. I’ve gotten both crochet hook sets and, in the case of my geographically closer student, I’ve gotten a full bag of knitting implements including yarn enough to practice with, knitting needles crochet thread and steel crochet hooks. One protégé is 29 and the other is barely 13 with a rambunctious younger brother tearing through her possessions. You can guess who got what.


If only Padawan would come and get his stuff…


I am also teaching myself to write patterns. If I can ever get YouTube to load properly, I found a few promising videos as well as promising blog posts and information on professional pattern designer’s websites for me to peruse. I’m hoping to learn within a month’s timeframe. The best laid plans of Mice…


That’s all, folks. I’m going to go start the gloves now. Later. SmileDevil

The Beginnings of the Little Boy Blue Blanket

I’ve started on the blanket. *fanfare*

I love this pattern too. I’m a little further along than the above picture but not by much. I’m trying to pick up the pace so I can get this thing done before the end of September. I think I can do it. I have enough confidence in my abilities to think myself capable of this feat.

I’m making it extra big so that it can be used well after newborn phase. Is that what they call it? Newborn phase? I know little of such things. It’s for an as yet unborn baby. Theres no telling how big or small he’ll be, so I thought it safe to make the blanket on the large side to prepare for the eventuality that he’s a giant baby.

In other news, I’m almost back down to my “low” high weight. I was having issues with edema over the past two weeks that had me pushing my high weight again. Thankfully, it’s back down. I don’t know what I did to alleviate it but I’m glad it is gone. Edema is no fun. Hopefully, the dancing breaks I take in between crochet marathons will be enough exercise to keep the weight dropping. At least for the month I’m working on this blanket. I plan on restarting my regular two hour workout routine once this blanket is done.

Aside from that, no dates for a while. I’m quite off of them at the present. I will, of course, meet good friends for platonic get togethers but nothing romantic. Instead, I’m going to spend the next few months focusing on myself. Ugh, that sounds so self obsessed. What I meant is that there’s a lot I could be working on rather than pursuing, or being pursued by, romantic interests.

Chief among these things is the agoraphobia. I’m going to start exposure therapy on myself in an effort to break the stranglehold it has on me. I’ve been reading about it and conversing with people online who’ve done it. I think it’s time I gave it a try. Nothing too extreme to start off. Just walking, unaccompanied, around the block a few times a day. From there, hopefully, I can expand on the territory I can travel in without having a massive anxiety attack.

After that, is my writing. Aside from text messages and this blog, I haven’t been writing much lately. I do not like that one bit. My goal to be an author suffers greatly by my not practicing everyday. To that end, I am going to get back to studying my English text books, writing in my composition notebooks and increasing my writing on here and via my stories. Hopefully, this will help me improve my writing abilities to the point where I can get that book done in 2015 like I want to.

Third among my short term goals is to get in contact with the worst of the worst mental health centers and get an appointment in with a therapist and psychiatrist since the shining light of heath centers doesn’t have either available for the forseeable future. I am earnestly hoping that no drama occurs with this place this time around. The last time I was under their “care”, I was driven to being a completely housebound agoraphobic from one who could at least get out. Hopefully, it won’t be recommended that I re-enter their Day Program. *shudder* The stuff of nightmares.

I’m in a good place and I don’t want to get worse through incompetence.

A brighter future through hard work and perseverance is my aim. 🙂

Celebratory Yays

I am finally back to exercising. I did a full extended workout tonight which is the first of eight weeks worth of workouts for all the missed days I had. I should be up to my old routine by early October. Incidentally, I lost five pounds and now weigh 250lbs. 🙂

In other news, I’ve started a new project. The finger on my other hand, my knitting hand, is now injured with a cut, so I started a crocheting project to pass the time until it heals. I’m calling it the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper Mini and I am, so far, eleven rounds into it.

I’m really just trying to get rid of the scrap acrylic yarn from Lion Brand and TLC since they’ve got such similar textures. I was going to roll it all into a giant Dreamy Lace Baby Throw but I figured one major crocheting project is enough this year. The pattern for this blanket is called the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket and can be found via a link on this page. This project is my “away from home” crafting. I plan to take it with me to Doctor’s appointments for the waiting room, bus rides and other things that tend into the mind numbingly boring.

That’s about it. I’m going to go and get some water. I haven’t been hydrating like I should lately. Later. 🙂

Experimentation in Exercise

I have been keeping up with my exercise routine these past few weeks. I haven’t missed a day’s exercising. With this, I have seen positive results in that my strength has been returning, I have been sleeping better, my appetite has been healthy (for a change) and I have been losing some weight. There was just one problem in all of this: The overwhelming exhaustion that occurred with exercising for 90 minutes to 2 hours. Nothing would shake this sleepy pall that covered me day after day.

Despite my schedule, I would take naps during the day and still be sleepy enough to get 7-10 hours of sleep a night. This, on the whole, wasn’t working with my schedule. I’m meant to be up at 5am writing. It’s when my mind is most conducive to creativity, hence the early time. When I was younger, insomnia kept me awake for days at a time and I frequently would write during those early hours as a means of escape from my plight of sleeplessness. Now, I’m just trying to write to bring back my creative streak. The sleepiness was getting in the way of the coherence of that goal.

So, I decided to experiment with my exercise schedule to see if working out at a different time might aid in normalizing my sleeping patterns. Instead of exercising at 7am, I opted instead to exercise at 19:00 (7pm) in the hopes that this change would positively affect my somnolency. Day one of the experiement was a success. I exercised at 19:00 through 20:30 (7pm – 8:30pm) and my body was quite effectively tired. I then spent the rest of my night before bed time knitting and watching Jerome Pradon videos via YouTube until 23:30 (11:30pm). I went to bed and promptly fell asleep until 5:19(am), only waking once during the night at 2:15(am) owing to thirst.

If I can repeat the results tonight, I’m changing my schedule. I have a good feeling about it though. 🙂

On the sock front, Keith’s Socks II and Ziller’s Symphony are a little under half done. I am presently in the middle of the heel flaps of socks one and two. It shouldn’t take me that long to get beyond this, through the turning of the heels, the gusset decreases and into the sock feet. It feels good to be beyond the legs of the socks finally. I feel like there’s a light at the end of this sock tunnel now.

Once I finish these socks, I go back to Villimarjatar and the Return of the Scrap Yarn Shiver Stopper, though, I’m thinking of doubling the width of Villimarjatar. I think I want a full shawl rather than a scarf/stole as it would be on me with the present stitch count. For this, I would need circular needles and more yarn. I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. Right now, I’m focused on the socks.

In the furtherance of the Hair Saga, I cornrow my hair today for sure. Yesterday was a pins and needles day for me what with the heel flaps, exercise experiment, etc. Considering I exercised twelve hours ago, my arms feel great and up to the task of styling my hair. I’m going to attempt to put the exact same style in my hair as before, just neater hopefully.

That’s about it really. Later, people. 🙂

Success is Forthcoming

I’ve lost my first ten pounds. Yay. This is a quote from 43things on my entry detailing what I do in a days worth of exercise.


After three weeks of exercising, I have finally lost a significant amount of weight. Ten pounds is gone. From a high of 260lbs, I am now 250lbs. This is with the benefit of one hour’s worth of exercise everyday. Today, I’m switching it up and adding on an additional thirty minutes of exercise to my regimen.

In no particular order, my exercises are as follows:

Fifty Push ups
Fifty Crunches
Fifty Leg lifts
Fifty Seated stretches (touching one set of toes at a time)
Fifty Seated Bows (leaning forward as far as possible)
Fifty Standing Toe touches
Fifty Side Knee bends (each leg)
Fifty Front Knee bends (Each Leg)
Fifty Squats
Fifty Side downward punches (each arm)
Thirty Five Arm lifts (each arm)
Arm Flexes (for the duration of two songs)
Hip flexes (for the duration of two songs)
March in place (for the duration of two songs)
Air punches (for the duration of one song)
Neck exercises (for the duration of one song
Jog in place/Leg flexes (for the duration of one song)
Air cross punch (for the duration of one song)

All this usually takes me an hour to do. Today, I’m going to switch it up and add some exercises from FitnessBlender to the mix in preparation of switching over to their regimen.

I’m finding that, in all this exercising, I want to do more at the end of it rather than just stop. I don’t know what that is and, if anyone could give me a clue, I’d be much obliged.

In other news, wow. I got my order of yarn and circular knitting needles from Knit Picks and that’s all I can say in response. They’re amazing! The yarn is soft, looks quite sturdy and is in absolutely breathtaking colors. I was meant to be on a yarn diet and only allowed to puchase quarterly but I went against my own rules and bought this stuff. I’m really glad I did too. In addition to the yarn being lovely, the two sets of circular knitting needles are perfect for knitting these socks. I made so much progress since switching. The Susan Bates needles are in my closet waiting for a day that will probably never come; a day when I’ll find a use for them.

To give you an idea of how good they are, it took me the better part of a month to get 50 rounds completed. I just did 10 rounds in the space of an hour last night. These socks are mine…and Keith’s. LOL

*singsong voice* I’ve got a new fanship/crush in Jérôme Pradon. When I say “new”, I actually mean it’s the rekindling of an old fanship/crush with the aid of the Internet. Thank goodness for YouTube. Prior to one play thirteen years ago, I hadn’t seen him in anything but remembered him from all that time ago for his stunning performance as Judas Iscariot in the Great Performances rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar. I am so buying it as soon as my DVD buying time comes around.

The Maternal Parental really enjoyed her birthday gifts. The microwave and turkey bites were a smashing success. 🙂

That’s about it for today. I’ll write more if more happens. Later. 🙂

Window Shopping

I’ve been exercising for nearly three weeks now and I have noticed a slimming effect. Given that, I guess it’s time to start planning for new clothes. To that end, I’ve been combing the one site I know I can find clothes to fit me, Just My Size, in the hopes of finding a smaller version of my current pants, as well as some workout clothes. I’ve always worn my T-shirts baggy, so that’s not going to be an issue when I get smaller. However, my pants falling down in the street will be an issue. I’m nowhere near that now but I am losing inches off of my body, so preparation is key.

The JMS Pleat Front Twill Pants will be the pants I get…as soon as I get some money. I plan on getting one in each size smaller than my current of 26W to see which actually fits and in black and khaki for colors. I originally bought the current pants I own as a stop gap measure against my constantly fluctuating edema issue but not for my actual size. It’ll be nice to have a pair of pants that actually fit. Getting them in multiple sizes ensures I have pants at the ready for when I lose the excess weight I’m carting around. Hopefully, I can catch them on sale and get them for as cheap as I got my original pants.

Since I’m going to eventually take up swimming, I thought it might be a good idea to buy a swimsuit but this is by no means a final plan. I don’t want to buy a suit that fits my current body only to have to buy another one down the road when I lose weight. However, the swimsuit I’m looking at purchasing is the Chlorine Resistant Cross Back Crinkle One-Piece Tank Suit in black. Until the day comes when I buy this thing, I’ll be fine in a T-shirt and shorts.

For workout clothes, the Champion Double Dry Plus-Size Women’s Tank Top and the Champion Stretch-Cotton Fitted Plus-Size Women’s Boot-Cut Pants will serve me quite well in black also. Having these clothes will give me the opportunity to go outside for part of my workout routine unlike the present where, due to my lack of clothing, I am unable to do this barring the agoraphobia. At the present, I exercise nude to save my clothes and allow me free range of motion. These workout clothes look perfect to enable me to have my proverbial cake and eat it too.

In addition to these things, I was looking on the Payless website and found a nice pair of shoes to use specifically for exercising. That way, when they get sweaty, I don’t have to worry about getting a new pair of everyday shoes. The Men’s Champion Lattice Runner shoe even comes in my favorite colors, Green and Black. Hopefully, I can catch these on a BOGO sale at Payless either online or in store. After all, I’m not made of money and I did get get a pair of shoes, when they went on sale, a few weeks ago.

I’m getting to the point now in my fitness regimen where I should really consider making a written down plan of the exercises I’ll be doing. What I’m currently doing is getting too easy for me and, if I want to lose weight, I’ve got to stay ahead of my body’s resistance to exercise. So, starting in three days, I’m going to extend my exercise routine by a half an hour and add some new moves to my repertoire. I figure that should keep my body in enough shock for me to continue to lose weight.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for right now. I’m going to take a 30 minute nap before I get back up to do some writing since I’m falling asleep in the chair even as I type this. Later!

Sixteen Days

Today marks the sixteenth day since I started exercising regularly, that is, everyday. For me, this is quite an accomplishment and I have to say, I feel tremendously proud of doing this. Not only am I getting stronger but I have lost weight. From my high of 260lbs, I am down to 252lbs. I don’t know how much I’ve lost in inches but I have noticed my clothing feeling slightly baggy on me lately. The time may come soon when I’ll need to do some wardrobe shopping. I’m going to keep it up until I reach my goal though,

I am wondering how the kRaMpZ will affect things. Normally, I’m laid out in a half comatose heap of vomity badness around that time of the month. I’m hoping I can get through my exercises without tossing my breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks. If worse comes to worse, I can always restrict my diet to water only. That way, it will come up quicker, not be a waste of food and medication, and I’ll be able to get my workout in without worrying about triggering the vomiting process.

Before anyone freaks out that I’m becoming anorexic or bulimic, I’m not. This is a temporary measure that will last at most two days during the worst part of the kRaMpZ. I eat quite heartily during the rest of my cycle to more than make up for any loss calories and I don’t throw up except during that time of the month. I hate throwing up… 😦

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Maternal Parental being hit by a car. I’m hovering annoyingly without meaning to. According to a lawyer the Maternal Parental consulted with, the driver got five years for the final charge on top of the year and sixty days for the other charges. I’m feeling very ambivalent about that. On the one hand, good riddance to the bastard for hitting my mom before driving off and leaving her in the street. On the other hand, I think of his family who are doing without their main breadwinner. I feel very sorry for them. They didn’t hit my mom and I wish they didn’t have to suffer along with him. I’m hoping the judge granted him the work release he asked for and that he’s taking it seriously.

On the Horticultural front, I finally repotted my Sanseveria. Okay, it’s more like ‘put all the cuttings in one larger pot’ but it’s technically true. After nine years in the same little pot, I finally upgraded my baby(ies) dirt home. I had originally made cuttings to give out to others and had them in the bathroom in the same pot as my spider plant cuttings but I figured they’d never grow to their full potential in there like the spider plant seems to be doing, so I moved them all together into one pot. Everything else is zen. I have plans to buy a few new six inch containers from Home Depot so I can make a cutting of one or more of my babies. I’m going to give that/them away as a housewarming gift for Keith in addition to the socks.

On the order front, I got the Maternal Parental technically two gifts as well as a bunch of supplies for myself. For the Maternal Parental, I got a new microwave to replace El Magnetron Loco downstairs. I also got a bunch of Old Wisconsin Turkey Bites since she really likes them and, with them, I got a free sample. Something called a Kind bar, peanut butter dark chocolate flavor. Exclusively for me, I got a silicone case and screen protector for the new phone I plan on buying to replace my LG Optimus V which is hopelessly out of date, For my hair, I got three 16oz jars of coconut oil, one 32oz jar of Shea butter, A quart bottle of Sweet Almond oil and last but not least (and certainly NOT for my hair) six bottles of Right Guard antiperspirant/deodorant for us both.

Against my better judgement, I also got yarn. Not that much but it’s the principle of the thing. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any yarn except quarterly. I should have waited until September to buy it but I just couldn’t resist Knit Picks’ colors and plethora of needles. Never fear though, I’m back on the yarn diet and don’t plan on buying anymore yarn, no matter how good the sale, until December as punishment.

Since it’s going to take me a month each to save up for my plans, that’s more than fair. I’ve got my phone to save up for next month, then Doctor Who, series seven and a new chair to save up for the month after that and then my Mega Holiday. Halloween. I’ve got that to save up for. My money won’t be free until November at the earliest and, since I’ve got my supplies, I’ll finally be able to save some and pay down some of these atrocious bills I have. One step at a time though; the mad dash to collect ALL THE PACKAGES.

The socks are coming along well too. I’m on round 27 of the leg and 47 if you count the k1p1 ribbing. It’s July and I’m still on socks one and two, which is bad, but I am making progress, which is good. I’ll just be glad when it’s all over except…I’ve got more socks to make. I plan on making another pair for myself and a first true pair made for the Maternal Parental.

Okay, I’m sleepy. I’ve been up since 3:40am. I’m going to catch a quick nap and then get up to do my exercises. Later!

240lbs and Falling…

Thanks to my poverty diet, I’m currently 240lbs exactly. I was just 244lbs a few days ago. I haven’t been doing anything to lose it. I don’t want to develop unheathly exercise habits in addition to unhealthy eating habits, so I’ve been going slow these past few weeks. Regardless, it’s coming off, whether I want it to or not. I’m not complaining about it coming off. I just don’t like the way in which it is coming off. No one should starve themselves to lose weight either intentionally or unintentionally.

I’ve been taking this downtime to develop my exercise regimen and getting advice from friends who are more knowledgeable in exercising. I’m going to be doing a lot of Compound exercises to build my muscle so I can get the weight off faster. Once I’m eating, that is. While I have been taking my vitamins, I can’t run on an empty tank. o_O

That’s about it weight wise. Keep an eye out on updates to my monthly stats Twitter in the left sidebar.

Less Sugar Water, More Movement

This morning, for the first time, I consciously sought to limit my intake of sugar water. Instead of filling my usual 32oz cup with water and six tablespoons of sugar to make it sweet, I filled a 12oz cup with water and used less than a quarter the amount of sugar to sweeten it. I satiated my craving without loading up on everything bad sugar represents. Go me!

Plus, last night, while listening to music and knitting, I would get up to stretch my legs. Instead of just standing there or doing some simple walking around techniques, I danced to the music as hard as I could and got my heart rate up. It felt good, I tell you. I’m going to make that a part of my regular routine when crafting, since I craft more than anything else.

I’m doing all this because, for the first time in a long time, I lost some weight. I am currently 246lbs and, as if to prove this point, my stats have gone down as well. They are currently 101cm for my chest, 99cm for my waist and 118cm for my hips. This is down from 248lbs, 104.5cm for the chest, 99.5cm for the waist and 120cm for the hips. Proof positive that I am doing something right.

I also went to bed early for a change. Well, early for me. It didn’t help much as I’m falling asleep even as I type this up.

*shakes head clear*

I think I’d better take a nap. Later!