The Goals

A listing of my goals as previously seen on the 43things site circa 2014. I will update these as they are completed., 2005 – 2014

I’m doing 42 things (Updated 24 August 2019)

1. Lose weight.
2. Beat agoraphobia.
3. Knit enough pairs of socks so I can wear hand-knitted ones every day!
4. Knit all the yarn I’ve bought.
5. Do NaNoWriMo every year to completion.
6. Vlog and Blog more.
7. Read more, write more, write better.
8. Book and yarn diet until 1 January 2021.
9. In 2018: do the 52-week savings challenge.
10. Get a new birth certificate.
11. Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice through
12. Learn to ride a bike.
13. Learn to swim.
14. Get CPR certified.
15. Get out of debt.
16. Educate the Maternal Parental.
17. Garden good and hard.
18. Get a passport.
19. Finish college.
20. Become fluent in more than one language.
21. Be paid abundantly for doing what I love.
22. Give myself monthly breast exams.
23. Finish my projects in a timely manner.
24. Fund 43 micro loans through
25. Make a $500 donation to charity.
26. Save money for retirement.
27. Run a marathon.
28. Take the risk, pursue what I love, even though it can be frightening. In fact, do it because it’s frightening.
29. Get healthy and stay healthy!
30. Save $500.
31. Read all the books on the BBC big read top 100.
32. Cornrow my hair.
33. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.
34. Reduce spending significantly, and log the reductions I make.
35. Save $1000.
36. Read all of Iain Bank’s books.
37. Expand my academic limits.
38. Study the MITOpenCourseWare lectures I’ve downloaded.
39. Learn to code.
40. Learn to take compliments gracefully.
41. Go to and support my local Libraries.
42. Finish all currently unfinished projects for friends.
43. Learn multiple languages.